4 Tips for Securing Your Home from High Winds

Wind. It can come in the strength of a hurricane or cyclone or a microburst or tornado. No matter the kind that’s happening outside, you deserve to be warm, comfortable and toasty inside the house. The battering wind is one thing, but you should be able to live inside the house without feeling as if it’s going to cave in. Sometimes, wind gusts last a few minutes but other times, they can go on for days. Wind is a powerful asset that can power our homes, but in some cases, it can be a significant danger to you and your property.

Being able to secure home from high winds is important for your comfort. You want to know that your home is reinforced against the wild wind outside, and that means doing all that you can to secure your home from high wind as best you can. Below, we’ve got four excellent tips for helping you to secure your home against the onslaught of Mother Nature. It’s vital that you concentrate on the weak points of the home, such as the walls, windows and the roof. The steps below will help:

Installing Metal Roofing

While shingle roofing may look nice on the outside, you have the added worry of shingles flying off the house in high wind when the gales get up. If you want your roof to remain secure, the best thing that you can do for your home is to invest in metal roofing. It’s sturdy against the wind and not as expensive to replace compared to individual shingles on the roof of your home. Metal roofing is also better for the house when it comes to insulation, so you get benefits beyond securing the home against wind.

Reinforce Your Garage Door

When there are high winds blowing outside, your garage door is a weak point in the house that you want to ensure is as secure as possible before gale force winds hit the house. If the garage door isn’t secure, you’re looking at external damage and internal damage to the garage, too. You should consider hiring a company to do an inspection on your garage door to learn whether it’s able to stand strong winds.

Protect Exterior Doors & Windows

We talked about weak points of the house, well your doors and windows are just as vulnerable as the roof and garage door. French doors and sliding doors are often weak against the wind pressure, so storm shutters could make a big difference. These would work over the regular windows of the house, too. Depending on the number of storm shutters you need, budgeting early is a good idea!

Cut Back Greenery

It’s beautiful to have trees and tall bushes outside the home, but if these lean too far over or fall in high winds, you’re going to see a lot of damage that will be expensive to fix. Trees should sit away from the house and if you feel that these won’t be secure, you may need to consider cutting back the trees properly or having them removed.

Each of these tips will help you to secure your home from high winds, so why not start planning them today?

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