Best Local Hardware Stores in Jacksonville, FL

August 5, 2023by Joe0

Jacksonville, boasts a rich selection of hardware stores to cater to its vast community’s needs. Several local stores have garnered a dedicated customer base and offer a unique inventory that stands out. In the article below, we will highlight some of the most well-established, local hardware stores for customers looking for a community business to support.

1. Durham Building Materials:

Location: 5914 Norwood Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32208

Key Highlights:

  • Extensive Inventory: This store has a reputation for offering a wide range of quality building materials. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, chances are, you’ll find what you need.
  • Customer Service: With knowledgeable staff ready to assist, many customers highlight the exceptional service they receive at Durham Building Materials.
  • Special Orders: They are willing to special order products if they aren’t readily available in their store.
  • RPS Counter: RPS Jacksonville operates a dedicated counter from inside of Durham Building Materials. Customers can place & pickup orders from this location in addition to getting the same level of customer service as they would expect out of our Welaka location.

2. Oceanway Hardware Store:

Location: 12635-1 N Main St, Jacksonville, FL 32218

Key Highlights:

  • Community Store: Known for its welcoming and homey feel, this local gem has been serving the Oceanway community for years.
  • Diverse Selection: From basic tools and gardening essentials to specialized items, their inventory is impressively vast.
  • Personal Touch: The staff at Oceanway Hardware Store are lauded for their helpfulness and dedication to ensuring customers find what they’re looking for.

3. Pachal Brothers:

Location: 1118 Myrtle Ave N, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Key Highlights:

  • History: Pachal Brothers has a rich history in Jacksonville, having served the community for decades.
  • One-stop-shop: From building materials, plumbing supplies, to paint and outdoor essentials, Pachal Brothers offers an extensive range of products.
  • Experienced Staff: With years under their belt, the staff are not only friendly but extremely knowledgeable, offering invaluable advice to customers.

4. Ray Ware Hardware:

Location: 4048 Herschel St, Jacksonville, FL 32205

Key Highlights:

  • Longstanding Reputation: Having been in the business for years, Ray Ware has established a reputation for quality and reliability.
  • Specialized Services: Beyond offering hardware products, they also provide services like key cutting, glass cutting, and more.
  • Dedicated Customer Base: With a strong local customer base, many have praised the store for its range of products and commendable service.

Jacksonville’s hardware scene goes beyond the big names and offers local stores rich in history, community spirit, and exceptional service. Whether you’re embarking on a home renovation project or simply need a replacement tool, these local establishments in Jacksonville offer a personalized shopping experience that’s hard to match. So, the next time you’re in need of hardware supplies, consider stepping into one of these stores and support local businesses that have been serving the community for years.

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