Can I Install Solar Panels on a Metal Roof?

While solar energy is becoming more cost-effective and an exciting sustainable, alternative energy option as the years go by, we can’t blame the general public for being hesitant or wishing to ensure they can support them before jumping wholeheartedly into this new domestic or commercial investment.

One of the most common questions we receive is ‘can I install solar panels on a metal roof?’ After all, metal roofing is a great means in which to cover homes, newer, modern constructions, business premises, and that’s just to name a few. Metal roofing is light, durable and can withstand great pressure from the elements, as well as remaining cost-effective with little maintenance needed.

But how can solar panels, known for their delicacy, fair when installed as part of a metal roofing structure? The last thing you need is to suffer instability or damage as the months go by.

Luckily, solar roof panels are more than suitable for metal roof installation, and more than that, they provide a stable, uniform and often strengthened connective environment for permanent installation. 

In the advice below, we hope to answer all of your further questions:


  • Solar panel metal roof installation is often guided by straddle blocks and mounting clamps. This creates a secure, parallel environment for well-placed solar panel adjustment. 
  • Solar panels, and their absorption of sunlight, can prevent the metal roof from becoming as hot as it might have, allowing you to ensure an even longer lifespan of your roofing installation. This is a nice side-benefit. It can also decrease your air-conditioning-associated costs during the heat of the summer.
  • Metal roofs also allow for two different styles of solar roof panel installation. IPV panels are the most popular in North America, but PV panels, with their higher efficiency per-square-inch and require less upkeep and energy than silicon solar cells. 

Why Install?

Contrary to how it seems, we would certainly recommend that metal roofing becomes your first choice for solar panel installation. There are many reasons why this is the case. 

  • Solar panels carry with them an expected life duration of up to 30 years. Metal roofing can be expected to coincide with or outlast this timeframe, meaning that roof maintenance, added construction and weather issues are unlikely to affect the placement or stability of your solar panels. For those with traditional roofing construction, this is not always a guarantee. In fact, some choose to install metal roofing as a precursor to solar panel installation for this reason.
  • Environmentally conscious building programs such as ENERGY STAR and LEED allow you to accumulate points for the use of building solar panels on your property. These initiatives can render businesses more energy-efficient, which can translate well to how businesses tackle their impact on the environment. You can be sure this is a welcome promotional point for many.

Where Should I Install?

Thankfully, a singular form of metal roofing is not the only requirement for success with this installation. There are many adjustments we can make in order to form-fit your solar panels to your metal roof. They are as follows:

  1. Straddle blocks are a reliable method to utilize when your metal roofing is not perfectly uniform, or has extra space considerations to make use of. This is the only option that requires drilling, using straddle mounts that line up parallel to the installation grommets of the solar panel. They can ensure a stable, uniform placement of your solar panels and thus help any metal roof compatible with their installation.
  2. Metal tile rooftops can be easily installed with replacement metal tile solutions. The mounts are similar to roof tiles in that they carry the same consistent shape, but are applied as a replacement, thus ensuring the natural protection of your roofing arrangement. This, allied with guiding metal rods, allow for your solar panels to be easily placed. This method also preserves the natural condition of your roofing, and so they are a popular choice.
  3. Standing seams are one of the most popular forms of metal roofing structure, and so solar panels have been form-fitted to make use of this fact. Installing panels using clamps, the solar panels may use of the seams on the rooftop to secure a solid fit and accelerate installation without sacrificing reliability or stability.

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