Does a New Roof Lower the Cost of Your Insurance?

There are plenty of things that determine how much you’ll have to pay for your home insurance. The age and location of the property are two of the biggest influencers, for instance. But then there’s also the matter of the quality of the building. A home that is watertight and has robust infrastructure will be less of a risk than one that has seen better days. When the cost of the insurance policy is being put together, companies look at various factors, but ultimately they’re performing a risk assessment. As such, any home upgrade that minimizes the likelihood of an insurance claim will be rewarded. A robust roof upgrade is one such example of a professional job that’ll make your home better and thus reduce the risk of something going wrong. Incidentally, if you were wondering about what other home upgrades can reduce the cost of your insurance, some examples include — giving your home security a boost, changing out your windows, and installing water shutoff devices that disconnect your water when a problem with the pipes is disconnected. It’s not hard to see how upgrading your roof will minimize the risk. It’s not necessarily the advantages of a solid roof; it’s more than defective roofs are disasters waiting to happen. If it’s outdated and weak, then all it’ll take is one extra-strong storm, and you might wake up to a lot of expensive water damage in your home.

What’ll Influence The Discount Rate?

Of course, it’s not as if you’ll automatically receive a big discount on the cost of your insurance just because you have a new roof. As with most things, it’ll be the quality of the work that influences the final cost. If your roof is made from high-quality materials and has been expertly installed by a professional, then you’ll receive more of a discount compared with if the new roof was shoddily installed. Once you’ve begun your roof installation projection, it’s a good idea to talk with your insurance provider. They’ll take into account the materials that you’ll be using and the company you’re hiring to perform the work; once they have that information, they can begin figuring out your discount. How much you’ll save will depend on various factors.

Other Ways To Save

Of course, saving money on your home insurance isn’t the only way installing a new roof can save you money. If you choose the correct materials, then you’ll likely find that you save in other ways, too. For example, it’s a good idea to look at the longevity of the roof that you’re installing. If it’s going to last decades, then you can essentially think of the cost of the replacement roof as an investment. A metal roof, for example, will last for between 40 – 70 years.

New Roof Benefits

There’s more to a new roof than savings. You’ll be improving the overall quality of your home, making your property safer, and all have peace of mind that your home is secure. Nobody wants to go to bed during a storm wondering if their roof is going to make it through the night. A solid, well-installed roof eliminates this problem.


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