Energy Savings

The Metal Roof Advantage – Savings

A Properly-Installed RPS Metal Roof Is The Cool Choice For Comfortably Beating The Florida Heat.

  • According to, a metal roof will lower summer cooling costs up to 40%!
  • Unlike traditional asphalt shingles which tend to absorb heat, today’s energy-efficient metal roofing materials act like a mirror and reflect the heat from the sun away from your home or office building.
  • Under testing, white or light-colored metal roofs measured 67% reflectivity. This can mean a 50° F drop in roof temperature.
  • Leaving dead space and installing rigid foam insulation along with your metal roof can help maximize your savings.
  • In addition to making your home environment more comfortable, metal roofs are good for the overall environment since they contain 25-95% recycled content.
  • Also, metal roofs are 100% recyclable at the end of use as roofs unlike asphalt roof shingles, which generate up to 20 billion pounds of waste per year when they’re replaced.
  • More durable and longer lasting than asphalt shingles, and much less expensive than slate, concrete and clay tiles, metal roofs are your best choice for energy savings!


See how a metal roof can also save you money and worries in lasting performance, lower maintenance costs, and safety.

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