Metal Roof Safety

The Metal Advantage – Safety

A Properly-Installed RPS Metal Roof Brings Peace of Mind Because It Won’t Spark Or Flame.

  • Properly-installed metal roofs are inherently fire-resistant and will not spark or flame if burning embers from a nearby fire should land on them. (Gaps in or around the roofing, however, can create a fire hazard regardless of the fire-rating of the actual roofing material, so proper installation and regular inspections are critical.)
  • Class ratings for fire resistance depend on both the material and the installation’s compliance with the appropriate building codes.
  • Replacing wood shingles with a metal roof may lower your insurance premiums. (Consult your insurance agent.)
  • A metal roof does not attract lightning.
  • The light weight of a metal roof can help keep it from caving in if a fire starts inside your home.


See how a metal roof can also save you money and worries in lasting performance, lower maintenance costs, and cooling costs.

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