How to Dispose of Old Roofing Shingles

When the need arises for you to replace your old roofing with new ones, the next thing that’ll bother your mind is how to dispose of your used roofing shingles. The good news is that there are numerous ways to do that safely. Your preferred methods of disposal will likely vary according to the situation at hand. It’s a bad idea to leave your old shingles on your roof deck and cover them with replacement shingles. In reality, such a practice may end up shortening the lifespan of your new roofing materials. 

How to contain the tear-off mess

Since the tear-off process for your old shingles can create a lot of mess, you’ll need proper containment measures in the initial phase. Strategically place roofing tarps and tear your roof sections one step at a go. Having a heavy-duty garbage can is a good decision as torn-off shingles will have to be dumped somewhere.

When you’re done with clearing the roof deck, get ready for inspection. Receive the new roofing materials and start conveying the tear-off mess from your property.

Three best ways to dispose of old roofing shingles


Roofing shingles usually contain valuable substances such as composites and resins, making the recycling of old shingles a good idea. In particular, throw-away shingles can be melted and used for making road pavement.

The more you recycle your old shingles, the more you reduce material wastage. Asphalt recycling facilities are becoming more common across U.S. localities. Some recycling centers require you to pre-clean your old shingles. However, it’s not your duty to remove the nails. Powerful magnets are used for that task.

You may also be asked to pay a fee before you dispose of your used shingles to recycling centers. If you research waste management companies in your zone, you may find a recycling center near you that may pay you for your materials.

Donation for reuse

Besides recycling your second-hand roofing shingles, you can also donate them to people who need them for reuse applications. This possibility may exist when your used shingles still look pretty good, but you need new colors or styles to increase your home’s overall value for sale. 

Some needy individuals and charity organizations may thank you in advance if you donated your old roofing shingles to them, as they can use them to re-roof low-income homes.

Simple throw-out

Local asphalt recycling centers have standards that your used shingles must meet before they accept them. Assuming your old roofing shingles are not good enough for reuse or recycling, you have no option but to discard them.

A roofing company may use a garbage truck to collect your waste and dispose of them at a fee. Older roofing shingles may contain asbestos, requiring you to call asbestos removal experts to manage such toxic products.

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