How To Install a Skylight in a Metal Roof

Skylights (sometimes called a roof light) are essentially just a window or structure that is often installed on your roof. The purpose of this is to let light into the loft or the room that is directly underneath the roof. It can also be used for ventilation purposes and, for most purposes, essentially acts as a window for the most part.

There are also a number of other tangible benefits too. A correctly-installed skylight can offer energy savings, it can prevent mold growth, and can also make your roof more aesthetically pleasing. So if you’re interested in installing a skylight on a metal roof, here are some tips to help you out.

Why install a skylight on a metal roof?

There are a number of benefits of installing a skylight on a metal roof. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • More natural light in the room directly beneath the roof.
  • Improved ventilation that can provide cooling.
  • Could reduce mold growth.
  • Creates a more pleasing look for your metal roof.
  • Helps to save energy when installed correctly since it stops heat escaping.
  • Also prevents the cold from getting in.

Choosing the right type of skylight for a metal roof

Skylights are most commonly installed on wooden roofs. This provides plenty of substrate for the skylight, but what if you’re installing a metal roof?

You’ll be glad to know that metal roofs are typically installed on a wooden substrate as well. This means that there is plenty of material for the skylight to be installed. However, you may need to consider the type of metal panel you’re using and also choose the flashing system and skylights before you buy them so you can check dimensions and installation details.

However, skylights don’t have to look like their residential versions. Some skylights can be made with Light Transmitting Panels (LTPs) that are essentially metal panels that can let in a lot of light. This provides a building or home with plenty of natural light thanks to the translucent nature of the material. LTPs can also be formed to match the existing shape and pattern of your roof, making it fit seamlessly to look fantastic.

Where to place your skylight on your metal roof

In order to get the most benefit out of your skylight, it’s important to consider its placement and orientation. Unfortunately, many buildings won’t have the luxury of picking the exact location for the skylight, but if you do, then here are some things to consider:

  • Avoid lighting obstructions. If there are trees overlooking your roof or HVAC systems, then you won’t get the maximum benefit from the natural sunlight.
  • You may want to consider where the sunlight hits your building the most during certain periods of the year. For example, if one side of your building gets the most sunlight during the winter months and you want to cut down on heating costs, then it may be best to install skylights that face that direction.
  • Lastly, while not a concern for optimizing its benefits, you may want to consider having safety nets or metal railings to safeguard the skylight from falling due to a bad installation.

Installing your skylight on your metal roof

In many cases, installing a skylight into a metal roof involves a few simple steps:

  • Consider where you want to install your skylight.
  • Look at the various options for your metal roof.
  • Get in touch with a contractor or consider a DIY project.
  • Measure and cut the area that you wish to place a skylight.
  • Replace it and secure it with the new panel that you have customized.

These are simple steps for installing a new skylight onto your metal roof. There will certainly be more detailed steps depending on where you want to install the skylight, but this gives a general idea of the progression to expect when you decide you want to install a skylight on your metal roof.

Your circumstances may also change this procedure. For instance, commercial businesses and large warehouses may need more planning permission which takes extra time. The project itself might also take longer to install correctly, and you might find yourself paying considerably more due to all of the additional expenses of a project like this.

It’s often best to reach out to a roofing expert to help you make those important decisions. With their guidance, you could save a lot of money and optimize the lighting that your skylights provide.

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