Roofing Options for a Detached Shed or Garage

Roofing a part of your home that’s separate from the rest of the property can seem like a hard job to manage. There’s a lot of decisions you’ll have to make, and equally a lot of benefits to fitting a proper, detached roof. Here’s a quick breakdown of the roofing options available for your project. 

Garage and Shed Material Types

The first thing to consider as part of your project is the right material for the job. A garage or shed roof needs to be durable, thanks to both the weather it might experience and the safety of the storage inside, so there are two main contenders here: 

Metal Roofing

The first material most homeowners consider is metal. A metal roof for garage or shed is usually preferred by construction companies or local tradesmen as well, thanks to just how sturdy the material is. The project usually follows a much more reliable schedule when using metal as well. 

Asphalt Roofing

The second material you could use for this kind of project is asphalt shingles. A great residential material, asphalt is still an incredibly durable roofing product but has the edge of being slightly more affordable. If you’re also going for a similar roofing style to what your own home is roofed with, asphalt shingles will also rank highly on your list. 

On the other hand, asphalt will not last as long as a metal roof will. Its life span, especially in high weather areas, can be at least 20 years less when compared to using metal. 

Common Shed and Garage Roof Styles

You’ll also have to take into account the most common roofing styles for sheds and garages. Once again there are two main styles most people will go for during a project like this: 

Low Slope Roof

A low slope roof is incredibly common in suburban areas. It’s far less noticeable than the high pitched roof below, and as such, it’s also a lot cheaper to invest in. Many homeowners enjoy the subtle quality of a style like this, as well as the ease of installation. Low slopes usually only consist of a roll of material, which can be stretched over the frame as need be. 

However, a low slope roof will limit your material and add-on considerations. They’re quite hard to customize to your exact specifications, which can cause issues for your curb appeal and peace of mind. 

High Pitched Roof

High pitched roofs are a more traditional style of roof that will match up to the roofing on your home. Good for properties in wet and windy areas, an inclined slope will help to prevent water damage from setting in. 

Similarly, a high pitched roof allows for a lot more personalization than a low slope roof. Thanks to just how variable the pitch heights can be, you can mix and match materials here, as well as decide just how dramatic you want the slope of your garage or shed to be. 

Garage and Shed Roofing Add-ons

And it’s not just the roof itself you can fit onto your detached garage or shed! You can also choose many more custom features, such as the two below: 


An often seen part of any roof in the world, gutters are there to prevent water, hail, ice, stones, and moss from building up over time. Your roof will also be a lot easier to keep clean, thanks to most debris being shifted through the gutters throughout the seasons. You’ll have to clean them out by hand at least twice a year though! 


Trim pieces are usually needed to seal off a roof, no matter where you’ve fitted it. They ensure the project looks complete and holds firm, with common trim items like Caps and Eave Drips necessary for supporting the material fitted on top. 

If you need to fit a roof on a detached shed or garage, a metal roof is usually your best bet. The high cost is offset by the longevity and durability, but many customization elements can be added into your project to achieve the look you’re going for.

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