Top Metal Roofing Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

May 8, 2023by Joe0

Jacksonville, Florida, with its humid subtropical climate, needs sturdy and resilient roofing materials to withstand the frequent rain and storms. This is where metal roofing steps in. Not only does it offer durability and longevity, but it also provides energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and minimal maintenance needs. If you’re in Jacksonville and looking for the best metal roofing manufacturers, here’s a list that will help you shop around.

RPS Metal Roofing & Siding, Inc.

Overview: Established in Welaka, FL over two decades ago, RPS stands as a premier choice for many Jacksonville residents. Located inside of Durham Building Materials, Inc, RPS Jacksonville offers in-person ordering and pickup for nearby residents and contractors.


  • Superior quality materials
  • Energy-efficient products
  • Environmentally conscious production
  • Best in class customer service
  • Expertise in both metal roofing and siding materials 
  • Comprehensive warranties

Jacksonville Metal Roofing Co.

Overview: This local manufacturer has garnered praise for their outstanding craftsmanship and extensive range of design options. They specialize in both residential and commercial installations.


  • Tailored solutions for every client
  • Commitment to green initiatives
  • Responsive customer service

Sun Coast Roofing & Solar

Overview: While they’re known for their solar solutions, their metal roofing services shouldn’t be underestimated. They integrate the two, offering a comprehensive approach to energy-efficient homes.


  • Expertise in both solar and roofing solutions
  • Sustainable and durable products
  • Efficient installation process

Metal Roof Factory

Overview: This manufacturer provides an array of colors and styles, ensuring that every homeowner can find the perfect fit for their property. Their metal roofs are known for longevity and robustness.


  • Advanced production techniques
  • Wide range of customizable options
  • Competitive pricing

Duval Metal Roofing

Overview: With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, Duval Metal Roofing has established itself as a trusted name in the Jacksonville area. They offer both manufacturing and installation services.


  • Professional consultations
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Affordable solutions

When considering a metal roof for your property in Jacksonville, Florida, it’s essential to do thorough research and choose a reputable manufacturer. The companies listed above have proven track records and come highly recommended based on online reviews.. 

Whether you prioritize sustainability, variety, or impeccable service, you’re bound to find a fit among these top-tier providers.

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