Types of Screws You Need for Metal Roofing

Metal roofing comes hand in hand with countless benefits, from longevity to wind resistance, fire resistance, energy efficiency and much more. But if you’re going to install a metal roof, you’re going to have to make sure you have the right screws to fix the metal sheets effectively. If you’re planning on installing any of the following metal roofs, you’re going to need quality metal fasteners:

  • Metal roofs on residential homes or commercial premises
  • Post-frame or pre-engineered steel buildings for equestrian, farm animal storage or product storage facilities
  • A garage for an RV, boat, or farm equipment
  • Much more

At the end of the day, you can use the highest quality metal sheeting and building materials available. But if you use the wrong screws and fasteners, the work you produce isn’t going to perform to standard and is unlikely to last as long as you’ve advised or guaranteed. Quality fasteners help to assure your clients reap the benefits you’ve offered and that your work stands the test of time, as metal construction is generally renowned to.

The following top tips will help you to choose the right fasteners for each and every project you work on!

  1. Use the Right Fasteners – there are a wide variety of different fasteners available. Each is designed for a specific purpose.  So, make sure you’re using the right fastener for the job. There are specific fasteners for metal to wood applications and different fasteners for metal to metal applications. Hi-Lo fasteners are for metal to wood applications. Tek screws are used in metal to metal applications. Also note that stainless steel screws should be used when screwing down aluminum metal roofs.
  1. Use a Fastener that Has a Large Washer – this will help to prevent damage to installation materials.
  1. Use Mechanically Galvanized Fasteners to Protect Against Corrosion and Rust – these tend to have a thin layer of zinc as a coating. Zinc is renowned for corroding ten times slower than steel.
  1. Use Screws With a Strong V Neck Head – this will prevent product breakage while you are working.
  1. Where Possible, Coordinate Screw Color to the Color of the Metal Sheeting Being Installed – this will make everything look more seamless.
  1. Be Organized – ordering screws well in advance of a project will ensure that you definitely have them. Avoid waiting last minute. If you have left things last minute, look for quick ship options that will still manage to get the screws to you on time.
  1. Only Shop With Reliable Companies – shopping with reliable suppliers, companies and brands will ensure that you receive quality screws. Sometimes, cheapest isn’t always best, especially if you’re looking to impress with your work.

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