What are Insulated Metal Roof Panels?

July 25, 2022by Joe0

If you’re looking to ensure that your property gets the level of protection from the environment that you need, as well as energy efficiency rates that can help you save money, then insulated metal roof panels might be precisely what you need. Here, we’re going to look at what insulated metal roof panels are, what benefits they offer, and when they might be the right selection for your building.

About insulated metal roof panels

Insulated metal roof panels are made of metal panels, supported b a foam core with steel skin on top of it. The foam core acts as the additional level of insulation to prevent heat transfer through the roof. The metal of the panel adds durability, as well as a clean, modern aesthetic that many want for their buildings.

There are different kinds of insulated roof tiles, each of which is designed to improve thermal performance and resistance. These panels are also designed to be easy to quickly install, meaning that you can set up an insulated metal roof in very little time.

Types of insulated metal roof panels

  • Super Pro 5 Rib: 5 rib panel / 36” width of coverage /5 ribs 9” on center ¾” high
  • Super Pro 5 V: Classic 5 V panel / 24” width of coverage
  • Super Pro PBR: PBR panel / 36” width of coverage, 4 ribs 12” on center 1 ¼ high. Stronger panel for longer spans and high loads
  • Pro Loc Standing Seam: Classic Striated Standing Seam Lock System Panel / 16″ width of coverage with hidden fastener system.

Benefits of insulated metal roof panels

  • A faster on-site installation compared to many other roofing systems, thanks to the fact that the multiple components come in one package. The foam insulation and metal roof panels are installed at the same time and factory-made to be ready to install.
  • Energy-efficient thanks to both the excellent insulation and the water and air-tight seal created by the fastening systems on each tile, with superior thermal insulation to many competing systems.
  • Greater savings thanks not only to the superior energy efficiency, but also the lighter weight leading to fewer transport and installation costs. It doesn’t take as long to install, reducing labour costs, as well.
  • Designed to be flexible, and able to fit roofing needs of all sizes and types, with different tiles available to meet the precise needs of your own project.
  • Sustainable and resilient thanks to being made of steel, making it recyclable and leading to less waste thanks to your roofing.

Should you consider insulated metal roof panels?

If you have a building that you need to ensure is well insulated and protected from the outside environment, and you want to reduce your overall costs of installation, then insulated metal panels can work for residential, commercial, and agricultural needs.

Install insulated metal roof panels today

With the information above, hopefully, you have a better idea of how insulated metal roof panels might help you. If you’re looking to have them installed on your own property, then get in touch with RPS Metal Roofing today and we can help.

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