Which Home Types Look Best with a Metal Roof?

There are many reasons why homeowners choose metal roofs for their homes. They hold the aesthetic appeal that many people are looking for, but they also offer great benefits in terms of conserving energy and weather-resistance, which is a huge bonus for many.

The fact that metal roofs last for so long and are so durable is another reason why they represent a great investment for your home. One concern you might have before you go ahead and have one of these roofs installed is whether they will suit the particular style of your home.

You, no doubt, want your home to look just right, and you don’t want the style of your architecture to be ruined. They’re more versatile than you might think, and here’s more about the home types that look best with a metal roof.

Victorian Homes

Victorian homes tend to have very elaborate and ostentatious designs, and that actually makes them ideal candidates for metal roofs. Metal panels can be used to create the roofing for towers, dormers, turrets and whatever other design elements your Victorian home might incorporate.

Mediterranean Homes

As you might already know, most Mediterranean style homes use roof tiles to create their distinctive style. But metal roofs can replicate the appearance of roof tiles in many instances when the right approach is taken. They’re a great option for Spanish revival homes and other similar architectural structures.

Mid-Century Homes

Mid-century or modernist homes are associated with clean lines and simplicity, and this makes them ideal for the simplicity that can come with the right choice of metal roof. These types of roofs can be highly minimalist and deliver the clean lines and cleanliness that so many mid-century homes are known for.

Colonial Homes

Colonial homes have a very distinctive and easy to spot style to them. They usually have quite high sloping roofs, and they tend to be a little darker. This makes them ideal for painted metal roof panels that come in darker tones. They can replicate this style very well and deliver the aesthetic that you’re looking for.

Log Homes

Log homes are, of course, associated with a certain coziness that comes from their wood design. And that’s why metal roofs might not seem like an obvious choice for them. But that’s not necessarily true. You can balance the wood paneling with the metal panel roof very well, while keeping the home safe and low maintenance at the same time.

Craftsman Homes

Craftsman homes are homey, classic and yet contemporary at the same time. So it’s no wonder they’re so appealing to so many American families. With the right choice of color, metal roofs can look great on these homes. Deep greys and other earthy tones work well here.

Metal roofs can suit just about any kind of property. You might be surprised by the sheer range of properties that look good with metal roofs, but it just goes to show how much versatility and range there to these kinds of roofs, so don’t assume a metal roof isn’t going to suit your home.

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