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Balancing comfort with cost can be an ongoing challenge in the summer. There’s nothing worse than shuffling aimlessly through your home, fanning yourself with whatever is closest, and moving from one cold-spot to the other. Luckily, you can utilize more than a few techniques to experience a cooler summer and save a few bucks on cooling costs simultaneously. 

1. Close Doors and Windows

Shutting doors and windows during daylight hours can already go a long way in reducing heat build-up in your home. Sunlight can reduce the efficiency of many cooling systems by as much as 30%. This means that closing blinds and shutting doors to rooms not in use will reduce your energy bill, even if you’re running a central air conditioner. Blinds are also extremely effective at keeping solar heat out of the house when drawn all day. When looking at different shades to install, make sure they’re as light a color as possible. The lighter the shade, the colder the house; remember that!

2. Install Solar Panels

Install solar panels. As the sun heats up your roofing system, you’ll be able to reduce cooling costs by installing a collector panel that harnesses heat from the sun and stores it for later use. This will reduce heating bills in winter as well, so it is definitely worth considering. The other benefit of this type of installation is that they are very environmentally friendly. If properly installed, there should not be any adverse effect on wildlife or natural greenery around them either! This would undoubtedly reduce those summer cooling costs substantially while ensuring some level of sustainability also goes into place! Install solar panels to reduce summertime cooling costs and be environmentally friendly.

3. Insulation

Add insulation in your attic or ceiling. Insulating your attic is another option that can reduce summertime heating costs as well as provide some security for items stowed away up there over the winter months. If it’s not feasible or practical, adding more insulation in other areas like walls will still help reduce heat loss through these surfaces during hotter spells. Insulating your attic or ceiling is a great way to reduce summertime cooling costs. Alternatively, an efficient roofing system can also save you up to 40% on your energy bills this summer; plus, they’re very easy to install! But, if you’d like to have it taken care of by a professional, there are also more than a few contractors who’ll be able to help you out.

4. Air-Conditioner Care 

Filters are vital for keeping air conditioners running at optimal levels, but many people forget about them until they emit an unpleasant odor or start making strange sounds. You should change your filter every three months—more often if you have pets–to reduce allergens and particles that may cause health problems later on down the road. An inefficient AC unit may be wasting electricity while circulating too little cold air throughout your home–or worse yet, blowing out warm air. 

You should consult with a professional to see if your unit is worth repairing, but in the meantime, try to reduce usage by shutting off rooms that are not occupied or using an AC. Also, having a thermostat regulate the temperature continuously will also make a significant difference in your cooling costs. Remember, the higher the difference in temperature is on the inside and outside of your home, the harder the AC needs to work, therefore driving your cooling bills through the roof. 

5. Install Ceiling Fans

Many fans are inexpensive, easy to install yourself, and provide an effective way to disperse cold air provided by your air conditioner or even just to make the room more comfortable temperature-wise. The best part is they make it look like you have expensive taste! Just be sure to turn the ceiling fan off when exiting the room, otherwise it’ll keep running and wasting valuable electricity. 

By utilizing the above tips, you’ll be having a cooler home in no time while saving loads of money on your utility bills! All that’s left to do now is get a few quotes, and get cracking on these efficient and easy cooling tips!


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