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Are you looking to make a few home improvements this summer regarding your attic? Or, have you been noticing some water damage around the house and want to put an end to it once and for all? Keeping your attic dry and cool plays an integral part in how the rest of your house will feel. That said, here are some tips on how to keep your attic and roof dry this summer.

What causes moisture and mold in your attic?

If attic insulation has not been installed, it could lead to moisture hiding in the attic and potentially mold growth. Next, gutters clogged with leaves or other debris can lead to inadequate drainage and cause water to build up with nowhere to go. With regards to the roof, any leaks from shingles on your roof washing away waterproofing sealant can lead water into the attic and cause mold to start growing. 

If your attic’s insulation has not been sealed to the roof properly, it can also lead water into the attic space and can cause a multitude of problems, including wet drywall that’s prone to mold growth or moisture damage in your attic. Lastly, if your attic fan doesn’t have a timer or isn’t able to close, the attic fan may exude attic air, which can be hot and wet. An attic fan should close when it rains to help prevent attic moisture from being pushed out.

How to keep your Attic and Roof Dry

Attic Fans

When installing attic fans, make sure they’re on a timer and have the ability to close when it’s raining. This will help keep your attic cool during the day from all that hot air rising up there and pushing out any moisture hiding in your attic insulation. 


Attic insulation will also be very effective in keeping your attic dry at all times. An uninsulated attic makes for a great place for moisture to hide, which can cause premature roof wear or even mold growth in your home.

Roof Inspection

If it’s been a while since anyone has inspected your roof, then now may be a great time to get someone up there. A damaged roof can start a whole chain of events; none of them do you and your house any good. If you’d like to check your roof yourself, you can start by inspecting your attic for signs of leaks. If you have a chimney, make sure it’s in good repair and that any joints are caulked to prevent water from leaking down into the attic or access points such as wires. You can also take a walk inside and around the house and inspect for leaks, missing or deteriorated shingles, etc., all of which can cause water damage inside.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing can withstand the harshest of conditions, whether it be extreme hail, rain showers, snow, or even a wildfire. Installing a metal roof will also mean it will last much longer than typical roofs which have an average lifespan of about fifteen years. Metal roofs don’t have shingles that can crack and break, and you can rest easy knowing your home has a sturdy roof over it’s head that can hold through almost any weather conditions and keep your home dry no matter what.


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