Corrugated Metal Fence Ideas

October 23, 2023by Joe0

A corrugated metal fence can be a striking and effective addition to any home and landscape. That said, there is a lot to consider when it comes to style, color and design.

Whether you’re in the market for a new fence or considering one as a future project, this article will help you in planning and navigating all of the decisions at your disposal.

Top Ideas For Your Corrugated Metal Fence

Metal & Brick

Corrugated metal and brick are a fantastic pairing that partner together so well the end result is effortless and classy. It’s all down to texture, and the rugged feel of the brick combined with the smoothness of the corrugated metal fence really brings something to the party – or the yard, as the case may be. It’s the difference between the two materials that makes the fence different too, but in a good way, especially as these materials also make the fence look (and feel) strong and sturdy too. 

Brick is a long-lasting building material that looks timeless and classic, so it’s a great option to use at the bottom of your fence or perhaps used to make columns in between corrugated metal areas. The contrast between that and the gorgeous fencing gives you the ideal balance between traditional and modern, so it works in any setting and any place. 

Metal and Colorful Concrete 

Having something unique when it comes to your home and your fencing is something a lot of people are looking for, so the answer could be a combination of corrugated metal fencing and colorful concrete. 

The word ‘concrete’ tends to conjure up images of gray and boring buildings that were built for function more than anything else, but don’t let that idea put you off using concrete in your fencing because modern concrete is very different indeed, and those images don’t really make much sense anymore. Rather than a dull gray color, today’s concrete can come in a variety of brighter shades that you can pick to go with your own personal taste or even to match other decorative elements in your backyard (or front yard – corrugated metal fencing can go all around your property). 

Putting metal and colorful concrete together looks great, no matter whether you opt for something like terracotta, blue, or anything else, but it also completely transforms your outdoor space, making it somewhere you’ll want to spend time and take care of. 

Metal and Pallet Fencing 

Perhaps you’re looking for something quite rustic to go in – or rather around – your outdoor space, and you don’t think that a corrugated metal fence is the right option. We’ve got some news for you; it could be exactly the right option, depending on what you pair it with, and if you pair it with pallet fencing, the rustic look is the result. 

Pallets will always look a little rustic and simple, and that’s part of their charm and why people like to use them so much in their decorating. It might even be that pallets were something your parents or grandparents had in their yard, so you’ll get a lovely sense of nostalgia when you use them too. 

When you add a corrugated metal fence to the pallets, you’ve got another great combination that gives you a feeling of stability and something long-lasting but that looks stunning in any setting you put it in. 

Even better, your pallets can be changed to be whatever height or size you want – and you can paint them any color too, or perhaps just use wood stain if you want them to stay natural. You can really go to town on your design ideas when you use pallets, so why not think of some to get started with? 

Metal and Wire Fencing 

So we’ve discussed the rustic look, but what about a modern look? For some, that’s the exact right thing for their fencing, and the good news is that it can be achieved with a corrugated metal fence and wire fencing put together to give you the ideal look you want. 

A lot of fences, including some of the ones we’ve mentioned already, are fantastic when it comes to design, but perhaps not so great if you want to be able to really see through them. You’ll be able to have a good view through the corrugated metal fence, of course, but the other materials might be more of a challenge. 

That’s where wire fencing comes in. With wire fencing, you’ll have a great view of whatever you want to look at, but you’ll also have a strong, sturdy, secure fence that looks attractive too. Could this be the best of both worlds? It might be, if your world is a delightful one to look at, and you don’t want to miss out on the view all around you. 

Metal and Wood Frame 

There’s just something wonderful about using natural elements wherever you can, both inside and outside of your home, so if you get the chance to add more of them, it’s a good opportunity to take. That’s why a corrugated metal fence with a wood frame could be the ultimate blend of nature and functionality (albeit beautiful functionality). 

The reason this kind of design idea really works is that wood is warm and metal is cold, so there’s a great juxtaposition of feeling and looks. Plus, wood can be highly textured (although it doesn’t have to be – you’ll have the final say there), and a corrugated metal fence is smooth, so again, it’s a wonderful juxtaposition. 

When you opt for a wooden frame, it can be customized to match with whatever style you like, and that would suit your outside space best, and because there are so many different types of wood to choose from, you can always find something that’s going to work for your dream yard. 

Galvanized Aluminum Fence with Border Plants 

Adding some greenery to your corrugated metal fence is a fantastic idea, as it will help it blend in with your yard and look as though it’s meant to be there. When you combine galvanized aluminum fencing with border plants, you’ll get a great look that means your fencing doesn’t look out of place and actually blends seamlessly into your outdoor space. 

Galvanized aluminum is an ideal material to choose for your fencing because it’s weather-resistant and long-lasting, so even if your border plants decide to grow a little more than you thought they would, they’re not going to damage the fence you’ve chosen, and the end result is probably going to be something you’re very happy with. 

Painted Corrugated Metal

We’ve talked about using color already, but did you know you can have a painted corrugated metal fence? It’s probably not an idea that occurred to you, as it’s quite unusual, but it’s certainly something that can work very well, and it will give you the chance to add some of your personality to the backyard as well, which is always a positive thing to do. 

The best thing about painted corrugated metal is the amount of choice you’ll suddenly have when you go down this route – almost anything is possible, and whether you prefer bold, strong colors or something a little more subtle, you can have it, and your fence will look gorgeous when you do. 

If you’re not sure what to pick when it comes to the color of your corrugated metal fence, you could start by looking around your yard and seeing if there are any colors that jump out at you – if there are, you can use those as a base for your fence because you’ll know it will all blend in nicely. 

Rust-Looking Fencing 

Sometimes it’s the most unusual ideas that are the best ones, and although most of the time we’ll try to stop our belongings from getting rusty, in the case of a corrugated metal fence, it can be the best thing to do. 

The idea here is to purposefully add a layer of rust to the fence, giving it a really old and weathered look. It might look like an old fence, but the fun part is that it’s all been done with a great deal of skill and precision!

This look is great if you have an older home or you like vintage decor, for example, as it will match with the theme and blend in just right. 

Modern-Looking Metal Fencing 

Not into vintage? No problem! The hugely versatile nature of corrugated metal fencing means that you can use it and have the most modern look as well. Make good use of the sleek lines, geometric patterns, and the metallic look that comes as standard (of course!), and you can turn your backyard into a truly modern oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. 

The key here is to keep things as simple as possible, as that’s one of the most important elements of modern design, but the great thing about corrugated metal fencing is that keeping things simple is so easy to achieve. 

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