Essential Metal Roofing Accessories: 6 Top Picks

April 7, 2022by Joe0

When undertaking a new home improvement project, an initial list of tools and supplies may immediately come to mind. However, some accessories can easily go overlooked if not carefully planned for in advance. 

When it comes to metal roofing accessories specifically, a few stand out. While there are some that are absolutely essential, others will make your life much easier – and the project much more enjoyable.

Multi-Purpose Hand Wipes

Your hands will be dirty at the end of a working day. Cleaning them doesn’t have to be as much of a hassle as it normally is. Getting a few multi-purpose hand towels helps with this.

By using them, you can avoid the need to rub your hands raw with soap and warm water. The wipes can cut through the dirt and tar much faster and easier.

What could take you five or ten minutes might only take you two or three with multi-purpose hand wipes. There are quite a few brands to choose from, each of which are quite affordable.

With how low-cost they are, picking them up regularly shouldn’t be a problem.

Tar Cleaner

When shingles come off, it’s easy for them to leave scratches on areas as they come down. That’s especially true after a bad storm and similar weather. They can also leave tar marks.

You’ll usually find these on vinyl fences, cement driveways, and stucco. Getting rid of these can often be a pain, especially when doing so by hand. With a tar cleaner, however, it’s much simpler and takes much less time.

By using this, you’ll have the area looking back to normal. If you’re working on your home, then you’ll have a more attractive property. For professionals, you’ll have a happier client.

Nail Stripper

If you work with nails, then you’ll need a nail stripper. You’d be surprised at how easy they can make your job when you use them.

You could be used to taking nails out by hand or with the claw of a hammer. That’s slow and takes a lot of effort.

With a nail stripper, however, it’s much faster. You’ll also have to put in a fraction of the effort when you’re doing so. That should mean having the work done much faster.

Though these can be a relatively high-cost roofing accessory, they’re worth the investment.

Foam Pad

You might wonder why you’d need foam pads when you’re working on a roof. It’s one of the more important metal roofing accessories, as it gives you traction when you’re on the roof.

Foam pads cling to roofs much better than rubber shoes, which you’d typically be wearing. You’d want to be as safe as possible when you’re on the roof, so this is a precaution worth taking.

There’s also the fact that they can make you more comfortable when you’re sitting on the roof. If you’re taking a quick break, then this can be quite appealing.

It’s worth buying padding that’s relatively big; you can always cut it down to size, if needed.

Bluetooth Speaker

While Bluetooth speakers mightn’t be the most essential roofing accessory, it’s one that makes working on a project much easier. It lets you listen to some music when you’re carrying out the work.

It can feel lonely and isolating when you’re working on a roof, especially when you’re doing it yourself. Having a speaker with you means you can make it feel less isolating.

Even when there are others working on the project, they might appreciate some music. If you’re getting these, it’s worth going for an affordable option.

It’s not uncommon for speakers to get broken when you’re working on a project; you wouldn’t want to shell out a lot to replace it. 


Tweezers are one of the roofing accessories you don’t know you need until you really need it. When you’re working with any kind of wood – which is relatively common in roofing – it’s easy to get a splinter. It can also happen with fiberglass and shingle.

You wouldn’t want to let the splinter stay where it is; getting rid of it quickly is important. You don’t need to go for something too expensive with this; you can get effective options for a few dollars.

If you don’t have any tweezers on-hand, you could also consider duct tape; it’s more effective at removing splinters than you’d think.

In Conclusion

Having the right metal roofing accessories is vital to performing any repairs or maintenance. Keeping them on-hand for when you need them will make your life much easier.

You wouldn’t want to be without and need to find a complicated workaround. With the above roofing accessories, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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