Top Ideas For House Design With Metal Siding

April 17, 2022by Joe0

Metal siding is a versatile, durable and cost effective material to consider for your new home or renovation project.

In addition to it’s functional benefits, metal siding can also be a great design choice that suits a variety of home styles.

When it comes to incorporating design into your metal siding project, there are many options to consider. In this article we will cover some tips for maximizing the visual aesthetics of your next metal siding installation.

Stacked Styles

If you’re using metal siding on more than one floor of your home, you could consider going with a stacked-looking style. The approach involves having overleaves and wraparounds that make it look as though the house’s floors are stacked on top of each other.

Though going with this approach takes a bit of time, it can give your house a modern look. It also shouldn’t take much actual work to do.

Standing Seams

Standing seams may be the most obvious way of using metal siding on your home. It involves creating the entirety of the exterior with the material.

That can be recommended for multiple reasons. It cuts down on costs and construction complexity while making maintenance easy.

It can also be more attractive than you’d first assume, especially once you get creative with your design. Spending some time making this unique can be recommended.

Mixed Materials

By mixing materials, you can draw attention to different parts of your home. Using metal sliding in a strategic way with this can be recommended.

Doing so helps certain parts of the property stand out more than others. That’s especially true when you couple it with either wood or stone.

It’s worth noting, however, that you shouldn’t use too many materials with this. Using metal siding with one other material is recommended.

It’ll add visual appeal without making it look too complicated.

Accented Areas

Sometimes, taking a minimalist approach with metal sliding can be recommended. Using it to accent the rest of your home may be an attractive option.

You’ll need to place the siding in strategic areas around your home. To properly take advantage of this, go with contrasting colors.

If your home is painted a light color, for example, go with a darker metal siding. It’ll stand out nicely. Though this involves a bit of careful planning, it’s well worth it.

Industrial Design

Modern homes can be designed in many ways. One of the more notable is with an industrial design. It’s one of the metal siding design ideas that’s becoming increasingly popular.

The approach involves using corrugated metal around your home’s exterior. While this gives it an industrial look, it can be paired well with the right windows and landscaping.

It could be more inviting than you think.

Continual Board & Batten

Board and batten is a type of metal siding that’s proven quite popular. As a house design with metal siding, it could be one of the more attractive options, especially when paired with stone.

Taking this approach involves using continual board and batten around one floor of your home. By partnering it with stone or a similar material, you add contrast and a visual appeal.

Horizontal Paneling

Having differently shaped panels and sections can make your home more visually appealing than you’d think. That’s especially true if you’re also using different materials.

Think about using horizontal paneling in different sections of your home. Even if you’re using metal siding for a large portion of your house, having some of it installed horizontally can make it pop more.

Keep these to a few strategic locations to maximize its impact.

Pops Of Color

Metal siding doesn’t have to be the same color around the home. You can add pops of color in a unique way.

While you’ll need to spend time choosing which colors you’ll use, it can be well-recommended. When you’re doing so, think of your home’s exterior as a whole.

You should aim to go with matching colors or ones that contrast nicely. Once you have these, they’ll pop out and make your home look more attractive.

Metal Siding Design Ideas: Wrapping Up

If you want a house design with metal siding, you shouldn’t need to struggle with finding one. Plenty of metal siding design ideas can be chosen from, each of which can be attractive.

Alongside offering visual appeal, they can offer better weather protection. There’s no reason not to use metal siding, so what’s stopping you?

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