Galvalume vs Galvanized Metal: Differences & Benefits (with Infographic)

A lot of people question the difference between Galvalume metal and Galvanized metal, especially when it comes to roofing and wall projects. Similarly, people want to know the pros and cons of each metal, and if it’d be better to use one over the other on their current project. Let’s shed some light on these differences, and for future reference, learn which metal type is best for what use. 

Galvalume vs Galvanized: What are the Differences?

There are plenty of differences between each of these materials and we’ve put together a list below:


  • Galvanized metal. This is a steel coated in a layer of zinc and the process of galvanisation involves the immersion of steel in a bath of molten zinc. This creates the bond between the zinc and steel.
  • Galvalume metal. This is made by coating steel with a mix of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and the rest, silicon. This is a coating that’s applied by continuously dipped in a bath of molten alloy.

Corrosion Resistance

  • Galvanized metal. In galvanized metal, the zinc coating offers the corrosion protection it needs and acts as a sacrificial anode. Zinc codes preferentially to the steel, which prevents rust from setting in.
  • Galvalume metal. For an enhanced corrosion resistance, galvalume metal is the way to go. This is due to the combination of aluminum and zinc and the aluminum in the coating offers a protective barrier. This prevents any corrosion reaching the steel substrate. 


  • Galvanized metal. With its bright and shiny appearance, galvanized metal gets this from its smooth zinc coating. Over time, however, there is a chance that the zinc could develop a dull gray patina as it weathers out. 
  • Galvalume metal. With its matte finish, it looks different in appearance from galvanized metal. However, it does retain its appearance as time wears on with a lot less noticeable colour changes. 


  • Galvanized metal. Galvanized metals are usually much less expensive than galvanized metals. This is because the coating process is lower in cost as is the zinc. When compared to aluminum zinc alloy, it’s cheaper. 
  • Galvalume metal. This tends to be more expensive than its galvanized counterparts, and that’s because of the cost of the aluminum zinc alloy. There’s also a much more complex manufacturing process to consider.

While both types of metals offer corrosion resistance and durability, it’s galvalume that offers more of a performance. This is particularly the case in harsher environments and is often the highly chosen application where enhanced protection and longevity is a must.

galvalume vs galvanized infographic


Benefits of Galvalume Metals

Understanding the benefits of galvalume metals will ensure that you make the right choices when it comes to your application. Its unique properties and composition can offer an insight into the best benefits. The benefits include:

  • Superior corrosion resistance. One of the biggest benefits of choosing galvalume is that in regions with high humidity and industrial settings, the corrosion resistance is helpful. The combo of zinc and aluminum offers a decent barrier that will project the longevity of the metal.
  • Longevity. These are metals known for their lifespan and that makes galvalume the more durable choice. For roofs, siding and other exterior applications, galvalume metals have materials that prevent premature rusting or deterioration. This leads to a better and longer service life of the metal.
  • Reducing cooling costs in buildings. Because galvalume metal has a coating that offers better heat reflectivity, the overall costs of cooling a building is much lower. They can reflect more sunlight and heat away from the building.
  • Highly formable. As it’s a highly formable metal, it can be easily shaped into a range of profiles for siding, roofing and other applications. It’s due to its formability that you can easily shape galvalume into other profiles.
  • It’s a super low maintenance metal. As their corrosion resistant properties become more evident, galvalume metals require much less maintenance over their lifespan. This will end with more cost savings, reduced upkeep and more frequent maintenance requests.
  • Benefits to the environment. Did you know that galvalume can contribute to the sustainability of the environment? Because they have a longer lifespan, there are fewer replacement needs. These are often made with a large amount of recycled materials, too, which means that in construction projects, they are an eco-friendly choice.

The benefits of galvalume metals are wide, and they are the preferred option for many construction applications especially. 

Where is Galvalume Metal Best Used

There is a wide range of construction applications that use galvalume metals. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Roofing. It’s widely used on both residential and commercial roofs as well as industrial buildings. Given that it has superb corrosion resistance, it’s the best material for coastal area homes and buildings. It’s here where there is a higher exposure to saltwater and humidity, which can make corrosion a problem.
  • Siding. Both residential and commercial buildings use Galvalume metal as a siding material because it’s durable and resistant to weathering. It makes it a very popular choice for the exterior wall systems, keeping the interior wall systems intact.
  • Gutters and downspouts. Galvalume metals are corrosion resistant which makes them very well suited for gutters and downspouts because the exposure to moisture and rain water is always constant. Gutters and downspouts are rarely dry, which means there is a constant flow of water that usually would corrode other metals.
  • HVAC. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems use duct work. Galvalume metals are known for its resistance to corrosion and heat, making it the best material on the inside.
  • Fencing and outdoor enclosures. As well as outdoor enclosures, Galvalume metals are great for interior enclosures where durability as well as resistance to weathering is important, Galvalume metals are going to stand up. In fencing especially, the constant onslaught of climate is going to mean that the right materials are important.
  • Automotive industries. Galvalume coated steel is always used for various parts that require corrosion resistance in automated vehicles, buses, trains, and more. Car body panels and underbody components are just two of the very many spaces you’ll find Galvalume materials.
  • Appliances. Steel that has been coated in Galvalume metals in the manufacturing of appliances is important.Washing machines, refrigerators, and dryers are often those that use Galvalume metals because of corrosion resistance.

There are many more industries where Galvalume metal is used due to its durability, versatility and corrosion resistance. This makes it a very popular choice for a wide range of construction and industrial applications, especially where long term performance is a big priority.

Benefits of Galvanized Metals

Galvanized metals offer different benefits due to the protective zinc coating. This offers advantageous properties such as corrosion resistance. Some of the biggest benefits of using galvanized metals include:

  • Distance. Much like galvalume metals, galvanized metal acts as a barrier. This protects the steel underneath from corrosion and makes it highly resistant to rust. This is important in the harshest of environments.
  • Longevity. Galvanized metals are known for their long lifespan. No matter how much they are exposed to the elements, they are able to withstand outdoor exposure for extended periods without deteriorating significantly.
  • It’s a low maintenance material. Once it’s been installed, galvanized metals don’t require very much maintenance to preserve it. This means it can remain protective to its properties for a long time. This results in cost savings over the years, and when you compare it to materials that require more upkeep, you’ll find that you are spending the right amount of money on metals with galvanized metal than any other type.
  • It’s a cost effective option. Compared to some other corrosion resistant materials, galvanized metals offer a long lifespan and low maintenance, which means it’s cost effective overall.
  • It’s easy to inspect. If you need to know whether or not you’re galvanized metal is in the right shape, you can just take one look at it and see it for yourself.It’s easy to inspect and maintain, and any changes in the appearance of the zinc coating will tell you if there’s a corrosion issue or any damage.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. This is a recyclable metal, which makes it a great choice for sustainability and for the environment. The recycling process for galvanized steel requires much less energy compared to producing brand new steel, and that reduces the overall environmental impact.
  • The coating is uniform. Galvanized metal coatings offer a uniform layer of protection over the entire metal surface. This ensures consistent corrosion resistance across the entire product.

Overall, the benefits of galvanized metal offer things like corrosion resistance, longevity, low maintenance, and cost effectiveness. This ensures that you choose it for a popular choice for a wide range of industrial, residential and commercial applications.

Where is Galvanized Metal Used

As with Galvalume metal, galvanized metal is used in a wide range of applications across a range of industries. Some of the most common uses include.

  • Construction and infrastructure. Beams, columns and guardrails are just some of the structural components in construction and infrastructure that you’ve galvanized metal. Both of its strength and its resistance to corrosion make it suitable for use in these environments.
  • Agriculture. Galvanized metal is used in agricultural and farming applications for fencing, equipment and animal enclosures. It’s ideal as a material for outdoor use, so that’s why it’s really popular.

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