What is Low-E Thermasheet Insulation and How Does it Help My Roof?

December 14, 2023by Joe0

A durable exterior roof is only part of the equation to having a high quality and trustworthy roofing system. The underlayment is an equally integral component and the addition of a thermasheet insulation layer can help to reinforce your investment in your roof and your home. 

But what is low-e thermasheet insulation and how can it benefit your roof? Here’s all you need to know.

What is Low-E Thermasheet Insulation?

Thermasheet is a 100% non-toxic material that is manufactured in the USA and satisfies all relevant Florida Building Codes. As well as being used as an underlayment for metal roofs, it can be installed under shingles, clay tiles, and other popular roofing materials. 

The fact it self-seals around fasteners makes it a particularly suitable solution for metal roof structures. It is available in various thicknesses, starting with as thin as ⅛”. It is primarily designed to serve as a thermal break below your main roofing structure, reflecting almost 100% of radiant heat.

Thermasheet insulation is made from 99% pure-polished aluminum, which is laminated to a closed-cell foam core. The term ‘low-e’ refers to the ‘emissivity rating’ it has been given by building standards. E ratings are scored between 0 (shiny mirror) and 1 (blackbody). Thermasheet insulation scores over 0.80.

When thinking about thermasheet insulation and its properties, it’s also important to understand how heat transfer work. The three types are as follows;

  • Conduction – heat is transferred through touch, such as touching a hot surface.
  • Convection – heat is transferred to air or liquid before moving away from a source of heat through thermal energy, such as heat rising through the home.
  • Radiation – heat is transferred through space due to electromagnetic waves, such as heat coming from the sun.

Low-e thermasheet insulation provides a barrier that can support the roof in relation to all three types. It reflects radiant heat while simultaneously creating a thermal barrier to prevent radiation heat transfers. It naturally reduces conduction too as the metal roof panels are not touched.

The underlayment can be applied easily with the use of a razor knife and foil type. It is also a very safe product to use, boasting a Class A, Class 1 fire safety rating. Additionally, thermasheet comes with a 30-year warranty as standard, although it has been shown to last even longer when supported by a professional installation.

When looking to protect the roof structure and property itself from the elements, an underlayment is an essential feature. For over 30 years, low-e thermasheet insulation has been used by homeowners across America, and it could be the right choice for you. 

Why Choose Thermasheet Insulation?

Extended Roof Life

Low-e thermasheet insulation stops heat from being transferred to other parts of the roofing structure. It is particularly important when living in Florida as the heat caused by natural sunlight can compromise roofing materials, thus causing them to degrade sooner. Thermasheet insulation also works as a vapor and moisture barrier, which can prevent damage to metal panels and fasteners. 

In short, the underlayment can extend the life of your roof by years.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Thermasheet insulation actively reduces the amount of heat transferred to the attic as well as the metal panels themselves. Aside from creating a cooler attic, it promotes cooler temperatures throughout the rest of the home. This subsequently reduces the demands on your A/C systems throughout the summer, thus making this underlayment a smart choice for anyone wanting to go green.

Better still, the material itself can be easily cut to size, meaning no waste material. 

Improved Insulation Performance

Low-e thermasheet insulation is primarily known for reflecting radiant heat in the summer months to keep attics cool. However, it also works as a barrier to stop heat from leaving the home during the winter months. This helps the roof’s insulation performance during the colder seasons while also stopping energy loss. It also prevents thermal movements where internal parts expand due to heat while external parts contract due to the cold.

Easy Installation

Low-e thermasheet insulation can be used as a standalone underlayment product, meaning it does not have to be paired with traditional materials like felt. Furthermore, it is a very lightweight material, with 500 sq ft weighing just 18lbs. Therefore, it supports a quick and easy installation, especially when you hire an experienced roofing contractor. This means you can enjoy the benefits of the upgrade ASAP. 

Whether you’re shopping for a new roof and considering an underlayment to use in the process or upgrading your existing roofing structure, the benefits of low-e thermasheet make it an attractive choice for a long-term investment in your home.


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