How Long do Screws Last on a Metal Roof?

A metal roof should ultimately last as long as your home. If your roof is installed properly then it should give you protection against high winds, keep out rainwater and shield your home against snow. That being said, if you do not make sure that your screws are retaining their seal then you may end up shortening the life of your roof.

How often Should you Check your Roof?

You ideally need to check your screws twice a year. You need to inspect the fasteners for any movement in the screws or in the sealant fixture. This is imperative if you have any fasteners which are exposed. Check the fasteners to ensure that they are tight too because movement can easily force screws out of their holes. If you have screws which are protruding from the roof panel or the gasket then you need to refasten them. Check the attic twice a year for leaks, and make sure that the sealant hasn’t gone as well. Sealant usually lasts around 20 years, but roof fastener movement or even panel damage can shorten this time. Ideally, your roof should be inspected after every big storm as well, so keep this in mind if possible.

How to Replace Metal Roof Screws

Corrugated roof panels and other exposed roofs are usually held together with thick screws that are placed every 18 inches. You’ll want to take note of your screw pattern, so you know where to look for any possible issues.  If you need to replace your screws, then make sure that you use galvanised steel screws that come with a rubber or plastic washer. It’s also possible to use aluminium screws if galvanised steel is not available.

Screws are the Best Way to Hold your Roof Panels in Place

Screws tend to be the best way for you to hold any of your roof panels in place. Never use nails when repairing your roof. Screws won’t bend and they won’t work themselves loose when expansion or contraction takes place. It’s also a good idea for you to use self-tapping screws that come with thin washers as this will give you a better seal. When a screw looks compromised, arrange to get it replaced. Only use screws that have been approved by your roofing manufacturer if you want to make sure that the repair is going to last.

Advantages of Getting a Metal Roof

Don’t let any of these maintenance tips spook you out of getting a metal roof installed. Metal comes with a ton of advantages when compared to tile or even shingles. Metal is resistant to rot, mildew and fire. It’s also lighter, and it reflects sun rays. This minimizes heat during the day, meaning you’ll save a small fortune on air conditioning. Metal is more expensive, but the money you save in the long run will ultimately help you out far more than you realize, so keep that in mind. One concern that people have with metal roofs is the idea of it attracting lightning, but this is never the case. Metal roofs do not increase the chances of your roof being hit by lightning.

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