What Are Snow Guards And Do You Need Them?

In order to make sure that your home is truly protected all year round, you need to think about winterizing it before those cooler months start coming in. There are so many aspects to winterizing a home, but one of the most important is that you are doing all you can to protect the roof. After all, if the roof is not properly protected you are going to struggle to keep the home warm, safe and sound.

If you live in a climate where you sometimes experience snow, you might want to think about protecting your roof from snow in particular. Fortunately, such a thing as snow guards do exist, so you can look to those if you want to make sure that you are keeping your roof intact all year round.

What Are Snow Guards?

So let’s start with the essentials. What exactly are snow guards, and how do they work? In essence, snow guards are a kind of device used on roofs to help snow and ice melt entirely and drift off the top of the roof in small incremental amounts, rather than all at once. Not only can it be dangerous for snow and ice to fall off in one big block, it can also cause damage to the roof, so snow guards help to protect against that possibility. The last thing you want is an avalanche in your own yard!

Do You Need Snow Guards?

So, do you actually need snow guards on your roof, or can you do without them? It is always best to be fully informed about this before you make any decisions, as otherwise you might end up being a little over- or under-cautious, neither of which are good positions to be in. You know that you probably need snow guards if you live in an area where there tends to be a lot of snowfall, even if you only get it some years and not all years. It is much better to be safe than sorry, after all. If in doubt, consider asking a professional whether you should get snow guards installed on your roof.

Can I Have Snow Guards Installed On My Metal Roof?

If you have a metal roof, you will need to make sure that you are treating it in the right way to avoid any issues that might otherwise commonly occur with that kind of roofing. You can indeed have snow guards installed on a metal roof, and you should do so if you live in an area where this might be an issue that you need to think about. There are different snow guard designs for different types of roof, so make sure that you are getting the right kind installed. Again, that is something that a professional can help you with.

If you want to know more about snow guards, or book in to have some installed on your roof, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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