Recommended Tools to Install a Metal Roof

In order to install a metal roof on your own without the help of a professional, it’s essential that you have the correct tools and equipment. Without them, you are going to struggle.

It is also essential that you are taking steps to ensure the key elements of safety when you are undertaking any task such as this one. If you do your research and purchase some of the best tools on the market, you will be doing this, while also reducing the time and effort it takes to erect your metal roof. We know that there are some tools that are a little pricer than others, but think of it as an investment into your safety and comfort going forward. 

Let’s take a look at the tools that you will need to use when you are installing your roof. Knowing what tools you need will ensure that you are able to be prepared and sort out a plan before continuing onwards with the task of erecting your metal roof. It also allows you time to develop your understanding of how to use these tools safely, giving you a chance to practice beforehand. So, these are the recommended tools that we suggest you get in order to safely install your metal roof.

Fastener Drivers

When installing a metal roof, one of the most important things that you will need are fastener drivers. Using a professional fastener driver will make your life so much easier when it comes to the installation itself. If you can get a cordless impact driver, it is lighter than other options, meaning that it is easier to maintain and handle. This will make the overall process that much simpler and easier to complete. One particular favorite is the DW257 because of its easy adaptation for metal roofing. With this modified driver, you do not need to connect it to any power supply and it is much more manageable. 

There are many cordless fastener drivers, which will also add to the safety of usage. You will find that the DEWALT cordless driver will be comforting to hold and light in the hand as the exact weight is just 3.5 lbs. It has a powerful and controlled use which makes it great for longevity and focus, both of which are handy when it comes to installing a metal roof. Trust us when we say that your hand and wrists will thank you for making this investment if you are going to be completing a larger roof.

Hand Seamer

It’s also a good idea to get a hand seamer, just to be on the safe side. Hand seamers are often used for smaller projects, but they can also be used for metal roofing when angles need to be bent into the metal. This piece of equipment is simple to use, and has a few different purposes. You can use them to bend sheet metal, but they can also be used to smooth out or flatten wrinkles and bends. 

They enable you to make accurate, clean bends without having to worry about any kind of imperfections. Whether you need hard or soft bends, your hand seamer will help you to create the perfect solution for your roof. You can find these online, and getting one shouldn’t set you back too much.

Electric Swivel Head Metal Shears

A simple solution to cutting your panels to size and trimming any unsightly edges so that you can have the snuggest possible fit for your roof, you are going to need electric swivel head metal shears. The recommended shears are the DEWALT DW890 as they are such powerful shears. They cut through metal like it’s nothing, with all of the accuracy that you would expect from a tool like this.

You are able to change the speed and adjust the cutting feature depending on what type of metal you are going to be using, as well as the density and the size of the sheet. Our recommended shears are fantastic for stainless steel of 20-gauge and thinner, though that’s not to say that it won’t work on any type of metal. It will. Thanks to the attachments for various jobs that you may need these for, you can be sure that they will do what you need them to do.


If you’ve never heard of nibblers, they are a handy little tool that will cut sheet metal with minimal distortion, making them fantastic for installing metal roofs. Nibblers use a blade that moves in a linear fashion, and removes small pieces of metal. As such, if you need to trim your roof at any point, they are going to be massively helpful. They handily attach directly onto your drill, saving you that little bit of time and effort that can be used for other things. 

It’s important to understand that nibblers are only to be used for smaller pieces of metal as their cut capacity is lower than that of shears for example.

Blade Cutters

For those of you who want a smooth, rounded edge to your metal roof, you need to be using a blade cutter that will provide this for you. Blade cutters are superior to a handheld grinder, as the handheld option can create abrasion at the edges if you are not  careful. The blade cutter, however, will ensure a smooth finish, making your roof look beautiful, like it was done by a professional.

We recommend that you look at a carbide metal cutting blade for a 7 ¼” circular saw. The reason for this is that it allows for precision cuts and trims, again allowing a more precise and smooth finish. Be careful though and ensure that you are taking all safety precautions necessary because the blades are made of hardened and tempered tungsten carbide. . 

Metal Snips 

In order to trim the metal sheets that will be your roof, you are going to need metal snips. These easily cut through the metal, and whether you are left or right handed, there will be some snips for you out there. It’s important that you are looking for chrome plated, rust protected, forged blades, and this will mean that they have a longer lifetime than they would were this not the case. The point of this is that you will then be able to reuse them for future projects should you wish to.

Despite what you might think, metal snips are not actually that expensive. You should be able to find these in your local hardware store, and they’re handy to have in your toolbox should you ever need to cut metal again.

Sheet Metal Benders

Sheet metal benders are also something that you’re going to need to look into. If you haven’t bought the roof ready to be installed, then you’re going to need to purchase metal sheets to make the roof. This is where sheet metal benders come in! This eradicates the need for some of the hand held tools that can be used, and makes life so much simpler, with the task being completed more efficiently than without. Use the sheet metal benders to create the perfect sheet metal for your roof, ensuring that it is as long lasting and as durable as possible. 

A Tape Measure

We have talked a lot about the various power tools and hardware pieces that you are going to need, but we haven’t yet mentioned that if you want an accurate fit for your metal, you are going to need a tape measure. You may have seen trends on TikTok where people have been using ‘girl measuring’ as it is known, which is essentially just using your arms to estimate the length of any given item. If you try to do this when you are installing a metal roof, you are likely going to have gaps or overlaps, neither of which you want. Instead of letting this happen, just get a tape measure! They’re not expensive, and you can pick one up from a hardware store, or even on Amazon if you don’t want to go to the store. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to do the job.

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