Recommended Tools to Install a Metal Roof

If you are choosing to install a metal roof yourself, you must be sure that you have the correct tools and equipment in order to do this effectively. You may have purchased a do-it-yourself system, so you will appreciate that this will be installed directly onto your old roof. You must also ensure the key elements of safety when undertaking any task such as this but by using some of the best tools on the market, you can reduce your time and effort to allow you to erect your metal roof easily.

While some tools may be pricier than others, you will want to make the investment for your safety and comfort. 

Let’s start with the joining tools that you will need to use when you are installing your roof. These tools are going to be the main element of the job. Knowing what tools you need will allow you to be prepared and put together a plan of action before proceeding with the task at hand. It also allows you to learn how to use the tools and practice beforehand. These are the recommended tools that will allow you to safely and effectively install your metal roof

Fastener Drivers

These are most likely going to be needed in a job as big as this. Using a professional fastener driver will make life much easier when it comes to installation. Using a cordless impact driver will make life much easier as it will be lighter and more easier to maintain and handle. One particular favorite is the DW257 because of it’s easy adaption for metal roofing. With this modified driver, you do not need to connect it to any power supply and it is much more manageable. 

There are many cordless fastener drivers, which will also add to the safety of usage. You will find that the DEWALT cordless driver will be comforting to hold and light in the hand as the exact weight is just 3.5 lbs. It has a powerful and controlled use which makes it great for longevity and focus. 

Electric Swivel Head Metal Shears

These are mostly going to be used to cut your panels to size and trim any edges to ensure you have a snug fit to your metal roof. The recommended metal shears are the DEWALT DW890 which are very powerful little tools. Incredibly versatile, they cut through metal like butter and provide accuracy. You will be able to change speed and adjust the type of cutting feature depending on the type of metal you are using; the size and density. The DW890 is ideal for stainless steel of 20-Gauge and thinner but works well for any type of metal. You can add attachments for different types of jobs, including a drill attachment, which can come in handy. 


This little tool will cut sheet metal with very minimal distortion and uses a blade that moves in a linear fashion, and will remove any small bits of metal, which may be helpful for trimming edges of your metal roof. They can directly attach onto your drill and can save time and effort. 

Blade Cutters

If you want a smooth rounded edge to your metal roof, then you are going to need a blade cutter that offers exactly this. It is best to use a blade cutter and not a handheld grinder as these can create abrasion at the edges. For the best outcome for your metal roof, you should look at a carbide metal cutting blade for a 7 ¼” circular saw as this will allow precision cuts and trims. The blades are made of hardened and tempered tungsten carbide. 

Metal Snips 

These are an essential for trimming and flashing purposes. You will find that there are snips for both right hand and left hand cuts and most good metal snips will be chrome plated rust protected forged blades for increased lifetime so you will be able to reuse them for multiple projects. They do not have to be expensive and can often be found at the hardware stores. 


Once you have the correct and reliable tools at your disposal, you will find that installing your metal roof will be much easier and simpler. Using the best tools will ensure that you don’t run into any unwanted issues and you can use them with ease and safety. Metal roofs are durable and weather resistant and with the rest of the necessary parts, including safety equipment and necessary nails, washers and tape, you can create the perfect long lasting metal roof. 

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