How to Install Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is increasingly the number one choice for a lot of homeowners. Durable, weatherproof and easy to install, it’s a practical selection that can easily compete with traditional shingles. In these times when we are all thinking of ways to be more eco-friendly, it can also help with energy efficiency – lowering power bills and saving your wallet and the planet. And whether you choose professional installation or a DIY job, you can achieve the right finish with a little time and patience, and the correct tools. So, if you’re looking to install metal roofing how do you get started?

Plan Ahead

The number one useful thing when you’re looking for how to install a metal roof is to understand all the different options that you have available. You can choose from a wide range of finishes for different projects – from tin, which is affordable and highly durable, through to zinc which is corrosion resistant for areas with extreme weather or galvanized steel which is costly but will last a lifetime. Consider the project and the needs that you have, and look through the qualities of different types of metal roofing before making your final selection.

Measure Up Right

They say ‘cut once, measure twice’ and that is never more appropriate than when you are looking to install metal roofing. You will need to:

  • Use the right tools to get an accurate roof measurement length and width
  • Get a carpenter’s level up to the rafters in the attic to calculate the rise of the roof
  • Calculate the total square footage required by multiplying the area by the slope
  • Add 10 percent extra onto your order of roofing supplies to account for wastage
  • Make sure your roofing screws match the material and color of the metal you have chosen for the roof. 

Prepare The Area

Up on the roof, start by first removing the old shingles, underlay, vents and flashing to give you a clear run for the installation. Take the opportunity to look over the sheathing underneath to make sure it’s intact or tackle any repairs needed. Then you’re ready to roll out your insulation layer – the type you need to use should be checked with the manufacturer of your metal roofing panels

Begin Your Installation

When all the materials are in place, you’re ready to begin your installation.

  • Start off by adding in the edging, or metal flashing on the eaves of your roof.
  • Where there are bends, install your corner pieces
  • Flashing should also be installed to overhang your guttering by about half an each either side
  • Then you can begin to lay your metal roofing panels – lay them overlapping and square to the roof line
  • Place your first screw about seven inches from the bottom of and then at around 18 inch spaces along each vertical run
  • Secure your screws and then add some silicone sealant along the underside of the short edge of each panel
  • Continue adding and sealing a panel a time until your roof is completely covered
  • If you have angles to accommodate, you’ll need to use a circular saw to cut your panels to fit

Now you’re all set to go – but if the project is more complex than you initially thought, using a professional to install your metal roofing is the safest route. 

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