Tips for Securing Your Home from High Winds

Wind! It is certainly unpredictable. Whether it is combined with a storm, rain, and hail, and has the strength of a hurricane, cyclone, microburst or tornado, it can leave a path of destruction with little or no warning. No matter what sort of wind you may be experiencing outside, you deserve to be warm, comfortable and toasty inside the house. Safe in the knowledge that you have done what you can to protect your home. But the question is, have you done enough to secure your home from high winds? The battering wind is one thing, but you should be able to live inside the house without feeling as if it’s going to cave in. Sometimes, wind gusts last a few minutes but other times, they can go on for days. Wind is a powerful asset that can power our homes, but in some cases, it can be a significant danger to you and your property.

Being able to secure home from hurricane winds is important for your comfort. You want to know that your home is reinforced against the wild wind outside, and that means doing all that you can to secure your home from high wind as best you can. Below, we’ve got some excellent tips for helping you to secure your home against the onslaught of Mother Nature. It’s vital that you concentrate on the weak points of the home, such as the walls, windows and the roof. With that in mind, here are some of the things to consider. 

Installing Metal Roofing

While shingle roofing may look nice on the outside, you have the added worry of shingles flying off the house in high wind when the gales get up. If they become loose or even fall from your roof, it is not only the roof that needs the repairs but the potential damage that has been caused to parked cars or anything below. If you want your roof to remain secure, the best thing that you can do for your home is to invest in metal roofing. It’s sturdy against the wind and not as expensive to replace compared to individual shingles on the roof of your home. There are many other benefits for considering metal roofing, these include:

  • Extra insulation – Metal roofing is better for the house when it comes to insulation, so you get benefits beyond securing the home against wind as it can help keep the heat in. Something we all want, especially when the weather is bad outside. 
  • Longevity – There is no denying that a metal roof lasts a lot longer than some other construction materials that could be used instead. 
  • Low maintenance – Metal roofing is surprisingly low maintenance, meaning in the long term you don’t have extra costs to worry about. 

Reinforce Your Garage Door

When there are high winds blowing outside, your garage door is a weak point in the house that you want to ensure is as secure as possible before gale force winds hit the house. If the garage door isn’t secure, you’re looking at external damage and internal damage to the garage, too. You should consider hiring a company to do an inspection on your garage door to learn whether it’s able to stand strong winds. 

The garage door can also cause damage to other properties if it is blown off, or parts from the door itself become loose and get caught up in the winds. Using secure materials for the garage door would be a starting point, as well as looking at ways to add extra security such as bolts and locks to give you extra peace of mind. 

When was the last time you checked guttering and pipes? 

It may sound obvious, but this is one of the top things that can fall victim to high winds on your property. Usually very lightweight and plastic in material the pipes are essential to keeping your home clear of rainwater and also providing and disposing of water from your home, amongst other things. So if they are not secured correctly onto your home, then this can be problematic. Take time to periodically check that everything is secured to the external walls of your house and home. 

You could also clear the gutters regularly, especially during the fall and winter months. Leaves and debris can cause blockages, and extra weight on the pipes and guttering, which can leave them open to damage from high winds. This could cause damage to your home as well as your surrounding neighbors. Regularly check the fittings and ensure they are unblocked, especially before high winds are forecast. 

Protect Exterior Doors & Windows

Another area to consider when looking to secure home from hurricane winds is to look at the doors and the windows. They can also be considered a weak and vulnerable area. French doors and sliding doors can often be the weakest points, but it is always a good idea to check all external windows and doors, especially if you have had pre-warning that bad weather is coing. A great tip is to look at storm shutters for those weaker points as they can stand up against the wind pressure. They could also work as extra security for the windows. This is a big investment for your home, so you may need to get some extra quotes and budget accordingly before installing. You could start with the weaker areas such as sliding or french doors first before having them fitted to all windows.

If you are in the market to upgrade your windows and doors then you could look at the glazing used and choose UPVC options. Many of the windows can come with extra internal locks that can also help as an extra form of security against winds. They won’t be easily blown away. 

Cut Back Greenery

Your garden and external areas may be some of the areas you are most proudest of, especially if you spend time pruning plants and flowers and enjoying the outside areas. But greenery such as trees and tall brushes can also be vulnerable against strong winds, and they can end up being damaged during storms. They can lean over, branches can come away, and they can end up not causing damage to your home, but to other homes close by as they end up being caught up in the tailwinds. Trees should sit away from the house and if you feel that these won’t be secure, you may need to consider cutting back the trees properly or having them removed. 

Think about those fence panels and borders 

Another area of your home that may need some extra protection against strong or hurricane-like winds are your fence panels or borders. Fence panels in particular are usually slotted into concrete posts and fittings, so it does leave them vulnerable. Many people like to have fencing or borders for their home boundaries, and so if you do, you may want to look at heavy-duty fence panels and posts. These are usually secured slightly differently but does give you extra peace of mind. 

Secure the things in your garden 

You may have garden furniture, children’s toys, or even trampolines in your garden. Some may even have pools where there are protectors placed on top during the winter months. These all need to be checked and secured as best they can be during high winds. The last thing you want is a flying trampoline to smash into your home, or somebody elses. Secure as best you can in the garden, or dismantle and place in a garage or shed during times of adverse weather. 

Have you got external or outbuildings that need protection?

Many people have sheds, outbuildings, or outside offices and areas that they use regularly, but this is an extra thing to think about when it comes to securing your home from high winds. These external buildings need to be secured properly into the ground, otherwise they could fly off or become unattached and cause damage not just to your home but other areas. If you have older wooden sheds it may be time to replace them, or even look at upgrading them such as adding a metal roof and repairing any damaged wood. 

Think about insurance 

It is time to look at the fine print of your insurance policies, if you have one, for your home. Some policies don’t cover damage when it comes to storm damage or unforeseen weather circumstances. If you do live in an area that is prone to hurricanes and strong winds, then it is a good idea to ensure that you are covered financially. If not, it may be time to have some ezra savings set aside for times where you may incur some external damage from the weather. 

While you can’t predict how bad a storm or how strong the winds are going to be, preparation is key to damage limitation and to avoid hefty repair bills. Each of these tips will help you to secure your home from high winds, so why not start planning how you would protect your home today? 

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