What Type of Paint Should I Use for Metal Siding?

Your metal siding will become dull and rusted over time. You could spend a long time fighting to eliminate the rust, or you can clean it once and paint over the metal to create the impression that it’s new, preserve it, and prevent future rust from accumulating on the metal surface. Read this article to learn how to properly paint and refinish steel and aluminum siding.

In most circumstances, standard high quality 100 percent acrylic exterior paint is the ideal choice for painting aluminum and steel siding. Choose a satin shine since it sheds water better than flat and lasts longer.

Step One – Cleaning the Metal Siding

Metal siding is frequently exposed to severe dampness, which causes it to corrode or collect a thin film of oil. So, before you can paint the siding, it must first be thoroughly prepared.

Aluminum Cleaning

To remove rust off aluminum siding, spray it with a pressure washer set on “low” and rinse it with water. To remove the dirt, add liquid soap to the water. The siding should then be thoroughly rinsed with clean water. Allow it to dry for at least two days before proceeding.

Cleaning Steel Caution: When working with trisodium phosphate, always wear protective clothing. TSP is a caustic chemical that can cause skin burns.

To clean steel siding, mix trisodium phosphate, or TSP, into the paint sprayer and use it to remove any dirt. If there is any rust on the steel, apply a rust converter to the siding, which will transform the rust into a black substance that can be quickly and easily removed.


Step Two – Protect Surrounding Areas From Splash Backs

You will need to protect everything that is not being painted, just as you would with any other painting endeavor. Cut and shape plastic sheeting to fit over all of your doors and windows which could be splashed. Masking tape should be used to secure the plastic covering.


Step Three – Apply The Primer

Choose between a paint sprayer and a 5-gallon bucket or a paint roller with an extension. Instead of using a conventional metal-paint primer on steel, use a latex-bonding primer. When you’re ready, pour the priming into the sprayer’s paint container or the paint tray. Then, using even strokes, apply the primer to the metal siding. Begin at the top of the wall and work your way down the length of the metal siding.


Step Four – Let It Dry & Wash Your Equipment

Allow at least 1-2 days for the primer to dry before applying the acrylic paint on the metal siding. While you wait, clean the paint sprayer according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as well as the brushes and paint pan. Allow your equipment to dry fully.


Step Five Paint Your Siding!

Apply the acrylic paint to the siding on top of the primed base the same way you applied the primer. Allow this layer of paint to dry before applying a second coat. Remove the plastic sheeting and masking tape after the paint is dry and voila, your siding is as good as new.

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