How Many Sheets of Metal Roofing do You Need?

Measuring how many sheets of metal roofing you need for your home is an essential step to complete before carrying out the construction project. However, jotting down an estimation of how many panels you should buy is not always so easy. Some factors that could influence the calculations include.

  • The type of metal you have picked
  • The age of the building
  • The design features of the roof itself, including valleys and dormers

If you have never had to measure your roof and your home’s construction comes with some unique specifications, you should always consult a professional who can offer a precise estimate of how many panels to buy. After all, metal roofing materials can be extremely expensive! 

However, if you have an easier, more symmetric ranch-style home, you can determine how many panels are needed thanks to the steps below. 

Measure Your Roof

The first step to take to estimate the number of metal roofing panels you need is to measure the roof. To do so, you will need to measure the distance between one edge and the other edge of the roof. You will then need to record the measurements you have gathered for the length and width of the roof. Write the measurements down and keep them at hand.

Understand The Specifics of Your Chosen Metal Panels

Not all metal panels will measure the same height or width. Before you complete our order, ask your supplier what is the width of the panels you have chosen. Once you know the width of these panels, you will be able to divide the length of the roof by the panels’ width. 

For example, if your roof was 240in wide and the sheets are 24in wide, you will divide 240 by 24. The calculation equals 10, which is the number of panels needed to cover the roof.  

Don’t Assume That All Sides Measure Equally

If you have measured one side of the roof – and the panels you need to cover it – you might be tempted to just double your measurements to cover the other side of the roof too. However, the two sides of the roof can be of different measures, so it is important to measure all sides and repeat the calculations. All you will need to do is add the number of panels needed for each side. 

Estimate The Length of the Sheets 

Once you know how many sheets you need, you will have to determine how long the sheets need to be. For this, make sure to measure all sides of the roof, as the peak and the base can have different measurements. If you prefer the metal to overhang slightly, make sure to add an inch or two to your measurement. 

Find Expert Advice

Metal roofing panels can represent an investment, especially if you are buying them during costly construction or renovation projects. So, determining how many panels you need before investing in a lot of roofing material is a must. If you are not confident in your abilities or you need a second, professional opinion, don’t hesitate to get in touch with RPS Metal Roofing

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