Which Screws Should Rollformers Stock?

There are so many different types of screws, to suit various applications and sectors. If you’re a rollformer it can be challenging to know which type of screws to keep in supply. Generally speaking, the screws you stock should reflect the industries that you serve. Perhaps you’re wondering which screws should I stock? Let’s take a look at some of the most common screw types, and which applications and industries they are used in.

Self Tapping Screws

When you drive a self-tapping screw into the material, the screw taps a hole of its own (hence the name). A self-tapping screw is also used to refer to a certain style of thread-cutting screw. It’s used to make a thread in sheet materials or a soft material.

Self-tapping screws are used extensively in construction and manufacturing industries. If your rollforming business serves either of these sectors, you should certainly stock self-tapping screws. These screws are helpful to save time because there’s no need to drill a pilot hole.


Woodscrews are used for applications such as softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, and chipboard. These screws tend to be made from brass or steel. These are a sub-type of self-tapping screw. Woodscrews can make their own thread, however, in most cases, it’s necessary to drill a pilot hole (otherwise the wood may crack).

There are several different types of wood screws, including standard wood screws, pocket screws, and deck screws. Wood screws are appropriate for a wide range of applications within the home improvement and DIY sector.

Security screws

Security screws have a unique screw head. It’s almost impossible to tamper with these, or use common tools to remove them. These screws are also referred to as ‘tamper-proof screws’. Security screws are used in settings where theft or vandalism is a high risk. 

Security screws may be used for building cars and boats or securing gutters. These screws are also used in processing, food preparation sectors, for construction work, and in schools or jails.

Machine screws

Machine screws share similarities with bolts, the key difference being that these screws are fitted with a socket. Due to the design, you can drive these screws into the material using a screwdriver. Machine screws use uniform threads, so the thread follows the same diameter across the whole length. Machine screws are used to fasten together metal parts, these are used for tool assembly, industrial equipment, electronic devices, engines, and construction.

Drywall screws

As the name suggests, drywall screws are designed for attaching drywall to the structure of a building. These screws are used in a range of DIY applications, and you don’t need a drywall screw gun to use them. If your rollformer company caters to home improvement or plastering professionals, you should think about stocking drywall screws.

Pan head screws

Pan-head screws are designed with rounded sides and flat heads; they are often used for metal applications. Pan-head screws share similarities with oval-headed screws, only pan-heads are flat on top instead of rounded. These screws are used for a variety of metal applications.

Sheet metal screws

Sheet metal screws are used to fasten sheet metal or attach tubing. You can find various types of screw heads, including hex, round, and flat. These are a type of slotted screw, made out of steel, and an aluminum or stainless steel coating. If your business serves the welding industries, it’s a good idea to stock sheet metal screws.

Welded screws 

These screws are welded to a metal or aluminum surface, they are designed to act as a shaft for parts that need to be fastened together. Usually, the process is completed using a nut or a washer. Welded screws have tabs that protrude from the head, this means that they can be welded, using just a single hole. These screws are often used in sectors such as aerospace, marine, industrial and automotive.

Which screws should I stock?

These are just a few of the different screw types available, within these groups, you’ll find several subtypes. Before you purchase your stock it’s good to assess your target market. Who are your customers, and what are their needs? Focusing on your target market will ensure that you stock the right inventory. Ensure that you conduct adequate research before choosing your stock.

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