Metal Siding: Galvalume vs Galvanized

When you are looking for new siding for your home – whether it’s a brand new home or an existing one that you are hoping to renovate – you need to make sure you know what material to use. There are actually many materials that you might want to choose between, but two are particularly popular and prove to be the better options time and time again: galvalume and galvanized. These sound similar, but they are two metal finishes with quite different properties, and it’s best to know the differences before you look into choosing a new metal siding for your home.

Galvanized Steel

First of all, let’s take a closer look at galvanized steel. This kind of finish is a metal coating, and it can be applied to many different kinds of metals. You will have seen it in many places with a lot of different applications – such as sheds and industrial interiors, to name but two examples. It is a very popular option, and with good reason, as it is known to be a good way of protecting the inner steel of the siding. It is good at preventing oxidation and rusting too – two of the biggest problems that steel can suffer with. It also has a way of protecting very well against scratches and scuffing and other similar marks.

Galvalume Metal

So that’s galvanized steel – but what is galvalume metal, and how does it differ? This is a metal finish that is used also in a wide range of instances, commercially and residentially. It has a matte finish, which some people prefer the look of for the side of their homes – but of course, this is all down to a matter of personal taste. It is normally coated with zinc, aluminum and silicon, which means it can easily resist fingerprint marks and scuffing of other kinds too. It is also good for protecting against corrosion and rusting.

One difference with galvalume is that it does come with a 25 year warranty, which you are never going to get with galvanized steel – so that is a major selling point of this type of metal siding. It is also known as a particularly high-performing option, especially in environments that will often have a lot of high temperatures, so that is something worth considering if that applies to your home. These sidings will also have better surface protection compared to galvanized metal, so that is something to consider as well.

Which To Choose?

As you can see, there are benefits to each of these in their own ways, and which to go for is of course ultimately down to you. But if you are keen on trying to make the right choice, consider that galvalume is often a much sturdier, longer-lasting option, which is more aesthetically useful as well. All in all, it is often the better choice for many applications.

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