How Metal Roofs Can Protect Your Home During High Wind and Hurricanes

One of the very best ways you can protect your home in strong winds and hurricanes is to install a metal roof. Metal roofs have been proven to withstand up to 140 miles per hour gusts of wind, and they can hold up against heavy rain, snow, and hailstorms. It’s for this reason that locations that are prone to heavy wind and hurricanes are having metal roofs installed. The demand is rising because of the evidence that is stacking up, showing that metal roofs are among the best protection against hail storms, embers from wildfires, and hurricane wind.

Other materials? They don’t hold up so well. Slate shingles have a Class A rating, but they don’t withstand fire and wind in the same way as metal roofs. Materials like asphalt deteriorate from the moment that it is installed, which will mean paying for re-roofing every decade or more.

Why Metal Roofs Withstand High Winds Best

It doesn’t matter where you live; metal roofing is an excellent decision to make for your house. They have an ability to resist the uplift from wind and water at the same time. This is because of three critical factors:

  • Design. Metal roofs come with two systems: hydrostatic or hydrokinetic. Hydrostatic is for low-sloping roofs, and they protect against any water due to the pressure. Hydrokinetic is for steep-sloping roofs, and they facilitate water shedding.
  • Installation. A significant factor of metal roofs working well is in their installation. You need to protect your house from wind, and with the correct installation, you get the uplift resistance that you need. It’s why the industry requires all installers to follow the installation instructions to the letter.
  • Properties. Steel is the best metal roof for hurricanes because it has the best strength to weight ratio of any other roofing material. It’s why it will work exceptionally well under the pressure of a storm. The metal itself doesn’t degrade, and when it’s exposed to the elements, you still get the benefits of longevity. Steel sheets and tiles can be coated correctly with zinc or even aluminum to prevent rust.

Those who live in areas where severe storms are frequent will benefit from metal roofing, but they’ll also be the best option no matter where you are. The resistance to the weather, water, and wind, as well as fire, is enough of a reason to get a metal roof installed onto your home.



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