How To Hang Plants From Aluminum Patio Covers

September 16, 2023by Joe0

Aluminum patio covers are fantastic ways to enjoy the warm weather while avoiding the heat. But are you wondering how to hang planters or decorative items? Fortunately, there are several ways to enjoy your plants or artwork from your aluminum patio cover. This article will explore creative ways to hang plants from aluminum patio covers.

Should I Hang Plants From Aluminum Patio Covers?

The good news is that hanging plants from your aluminum patio cover is perfectly safe. There are many ways to do this securely. Sturdy materials can be better than some nail types, which can risk rusting or scoring the metal of your aluminum patio cover. Certain hooks and adhesives are perfect for hanging plants from an aluminum patio.

How To Hang Plants From An Aluminum Patio Cover With No Nails

There are many viable options to hanging plants from your patio without using nails. This can sometimes be preferable as it avoids drilling into your aluminum patio cover.

Outdoor Command Hooks

Outdoor command hooks are a great way to hang plants from your aluminum patio, as they can last through the winter months, hot weather, and rain. Ensure to get the right strength level to make sure they can stick and hold the plants you want appropriately. 

To ensure the command hooks will stick correctly, apply rubbing alcohol to the area of the aluminum patio where you wish to stick the hooks to ensure no debris or substances are present. Follow the instructions for sticking on the command hooks to enjoy somewhere to hang your plants.


Alumahangers are hooks that slot over existing grooves in your patio to hold the weight of your hanging baskets. They’re a great way to hang plants from an aluminum patio cover, as they slot easily over your existing patio infrastructure, so you don’t need to install holes or use adhesives. Alumahangers are suitable for most aluminum patio covers and allow you to hang baskets and other decorative items on your patio without nails.

Cable Ties

Cable ties are ideal if your patio has nooks or spaces that allow you to wrap a cable tie around them and hang plants. Remember that the cable ties should withstand the basket weight and intense heat to work efficiently. Check for cable ties that can withstand extreme temperatures. Simply tie the cable around the patio cover and add a hook for your hanging basket.

A Telescopic Bar For Hanging Plants

A telescopic bar can only be installed if you have sidings to your patio. But a telescopic bar for hanging plants is ideal as it avoids needing adhesives or other items to secure your plants in place. Simply ensure that the telescopic bar matches the width of your patio cover sidings and can be secured to hang your plants from.

How To Hang Plants From Aluminum Patio Covers With Nails

If you want to hang larger items or simply want to know that your hanging plants are secured with nails, then there are a few options to consider when drilling into your aluminum cover. Minimize the amount of nails you install while ensuring they can secure the weight of your hanging plants or decorative items.

How To Insert Nails Into An Aluminum Patio Cover

It’s essential to plan precisely where you want your nails to go to avoid damage to your patio. Mark the location of the holes before you embark upon drilling. If you use nails on an aluminum patio cover, ensure that you use drill bits specifically designed for aluminum, to avoid any damage. 

Remember that your nails should be galvanized to be protected from rust, otherwise they will become ineffective at securing your hanging plants. Stainless steel and decking nails are also great, as they resist rusting and corrosion.

Use A Bar For Hanging Plants

Rather than installing lots of nails, you might consider using a bar for hanging plants. This would mean that you install a planter bar, which is essentially a metal bar that hangs across your patio. These usually come with a series of hooks that allow you to hang multiple hanging plants, avoiding the need for multiple nails. Utensil bar hooks for the kitchen can also fulfill the same purpose, providing they’re weatherproof 

Final Thoughts

An aluminum patio cover is a perfect way to protect yourself from the summer heat. There are also many ways to hang plants from aluminum patio covers and enjoy decorative items. You might want to consider using adhesive hooks to hang your plants from or use weather-resistant cable ties to secure around your patio. Other non-invasive ways to enjoy plants could include telescopic bars for plants or alumahangers. 

If you need to use nails, ensure they’re weatherproof and consider installing a hanging bar rather than multiple nails if possible.

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