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How to Seal Galvalume Metal Roofing

Galvalume metal roofing offers many benefits. Galvalume is manufactured from steel coil and then coated with a metal alloy made from aluminum and zinc. It is the aluminum and zinc alloy coating that provides many of Galvalume’s benefits as a roofing material. The alloy provides the metal roofing with anti-corrosion properties, heat resistance, and reliable...

Pipe Boots For  Metal Roofs: What Are They And Why Are They Important?

Pipe boots are protective covers that will seal around penetrations in order to protect the surface of the roof. They can come in all kinds of different materials, including silicon, rubber, metal, and neoprene. Each material will offer unique advantages and suitability for different situations you might find yourself in. When it comes to protective...

Synthetic vs Felt Underlayment for Metal Roofing

When installing a metal roof, selecting an ideal underlayment material is paramount. Underlayment is an essential barrier between metal roofing and sheathing that prevents water penetration into the roof deck and causes damage. While felt underlayment has traditionally been preferred among roofers, synthetic underlayment has grown increasingly popular recently. This article will consider its benefits...

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