Metal Roof Ventilation: Gable Vents Versus Ridge Vents

Metal roofs, especially those lighter in color, can have a significant positive impact on your home’s energy efficiency and air conditioning costs in warmer climates. However, in order to maximize the cooling benefits of a quality metal roof, proper attention must be paid to the installation process, specifically ventilation. 

When ventilation is not properly taken into consideration, heat and moisture can build up in excess within your home’s attic – this can potentially cause damage to your insulation and also reduce, or fully negate, any benefit to climate control that may have been possible with the conversion to a metal roofing system. 

Two of the more common types of vents are Gable and Ridge. Each has its pros and cons, and it could be valuable to combine the two. While we always suggest first consulting a professional on any metal roof installation, here are some of the ways Ridge vents differ from Gable vents, and what you might want to take into consideration when deciding on which to go with. 

Gable Vents

A Gable roof looks like an “upside down V” and comes to a point at the top. The way these roofs slope away from the home make them beneficial for shedding water, ice, snow and other buildup of debris from collecting in one specific area – causing a higher probability in damage over time. 

Gable vents are located in front of Gable roofs and can be accompanied by fans to assist with the distribution of airflow between the roof and the attic. However, some Gable vents are purely decorative. 

Ridge Vents

Unlike Gable vents, Ridge vents are always installed with a purpose. In fact, they are located at the top of Gable roofs, typically hidden under the roof overhang with the intention of providing airflow ventilation while adding an extra layer of protection against the entry of rain. 

Should You Install Gable and Ridge Vents?

Since Gable vents can be used decoratively, they can be used in conjunction with Ridge vents. However, the benefit of Ridge vents becomes somewhat useless when coupled with a Gable vent that is not sealed off – since the benefit of a Ridge vent over Gable is the added protection against water entry. 

Choosing and Installing a Vent Type

Before committing to a style or installation of vent system for your metal roof, it is recommended to first consult with a licensed professional. In addition to offering free estimates, the team at RPS is on standby for any question you may have about the process.

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