Do you find that your attic is too warm in the summer and your roof has too much ice in the winter? You could benefit from a new ventilation system if this applies to you. A balanced attic ventilation system will help to prevent these kinds of issues. A ventilation system consists of ridge vents at the peak of the roof and intake vents at the soffits. Once the ventilation system has been installed, you’ll notice less heat and moisture in your attic and your roof should be able to thaw quickly to avoid ice dams.

Roof Ridge Vents

What is a roof ridge vent? A roof ridge vent is a vent that is installed at the peak of a roof and acts as an air exhaust. An air slot is cut into the roof’s peak and a ridge vent is used to cover it. These vents help to provide consistent ventilation at the highest point of the attic. They are also designed to resist rain, snow, and debris. 

If you have a metal ridge vent installed, you won’t require ridge cap shingles. However, if your vent isn’t metal, ridge cap shingles are often installed to ensure the vent blends in with the rest of the roof. 

Eave and soffit vents are also essential for a full ventilation system. Air needs to be able to get in and out of the attic for the system to work properly. Using this type of ventilation doesn’t require any energy so it’s an ideal solution for any homeowner.

Is My Home Right For Ridge Vents?

Most homes are perfect candidates for ridge vents. It will depend on the amount of exhaust ventilation needed and the design of your roof. If your home has a good amount of ridge line, a professional will be able to install ridge vents easily. A roofing professional will be able to evaluate your roof and your attic and tell you which method is best for air conditioning your attic to avoid heat and moisture build up.


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