5 Roofing Improvements to Combat Inflation

April 29, 2022by Joe0

Like many Americans, inflation might be on your mind currently. And if you’re in the midst of planning for spring and summer projects in and around your home that will improve your property, you may also be wondering where to focus your time, money, and energy, for maximum savings benefits now and into the future.

One area of focus that can help greatly in this instance is your roof. Learn what factors to pay attention to and weigh so you can hopefully get a return on your investment in the future and successfully offset ongoing costs and unforeseen economic impacts as much as possible.

Consider Installing Solar Panels

One roofing improvement that should be on your list to combat inflation is to consider going solar. While it’ll likely cost you more upfront, you’ll save money down the road. It’s an affordable investment you shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to combat inflation. You’ll save on your energy bills and be helping the environment at the same time. Keep in mind that a metal roof is the best option for supporting solar panels because it’ll stay intact and hold up a lot longer than the panels themselves.

Select the Right Material

You can also combat inflation and protect yourself against ongoing maintenance costs by selecting the right material for your roof. Asphalt, shake, and clay tile may be more prone to fungus, stains, and moss, especially if you live in a humid climate. In most cases, you’ll also want to have them professionally cleaned which is another added cost. On the other hand, you can wash your metal roof yourself with water and a little dish soap. Durability and maintenance aren’t only key benefits of metal roofing, however. Metal roofing can also help reduce summer cooling expenses by as much as 40%. 

Focus on Increasing Insulation & Efficiency

Another roofing upgrade that will combat inflation is to increase insulation and efficiency. You’re more likely to make your money work for you and get a return on your investment when you choose high-performance materials and installation methods.

Lower your roof temperature and save on energy costs by installing a metal roof, for example. Also, be aware of and choose companies that use proper installation practices. You’ll want to confirm your installation methods follow the neighborhood’s building codes. You can also save money year-round by working with your installer to integrate proper eave and ridge ventilation throughout the installation process.

Find Installation Savings

As a homeowner who’s in the process of making roofing improvements, you should also work on finding installation savings. For example, did you know you can install a metal roof directly over an asphalt roof instead of tearing it off first? You’ll not only reduce the amount of waste that comes with most roofing projects but you’ll reduce labor and tear-off costs as well. A metal roof will also increase long-term efficiency which is beneficial to you. If you opt for a slate or clay roof, you may experience an increase in material and labor costs due to the additional structural requirements that may be necessary to incorporate.

Plan for the Future

Replacing your roof before its time or earlier than anticipated is an expensive choice and wasteful idea. Combat inflation through your roofing project by planning for the long run. There are many benefits to installing a quality metal roof instead of choosing just any material you think might be cheaper. For instance, your quality metal roof will last up to two to three times longer and can hold up to fierce weather and strong winds. It doesn’t matter your region or climate, metal is a wise choice that gives you peace of mind against harsh weather and the forces of nature. In fact, this material for a roof is designed to last up to 50 years which is ultimately going to save you a lot of money over time.

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